Ready to repeal 1975 Prez order on Hyderabad: HM

The Central govt is ready to recommend the deletion of a clause of a 1975 Prez Order which makes Hy`bad a free zone for employment in police.

New Delhi: The Central government is ready to
recommend the deletion of a particular clause of a 1975
Presidential Order which makes Hyderabad a free zone for
employment in police and its repeal will ensure that residents
of Telangana get preference in employment there.

"The CCPA has taken a decision and it was communicated to
the Government of Andhra Pradesh that we will recommend to the
President to delete clause (f) of Para-14 once we received a
resolution of the Andhra Pradesh Assembly reiterating the
resolution passed in January 2010," Home Minister
P Chidambaram told reporters here on Monday.

The Home Minister said the resolution in the Andhra
Pradesh Assembly was passed in January 2010 and therefore the
Central government wanted to be absolutely sure that there is
a consensus on that demand that the Clause F of paragraph 14
should be deleted.

"Therefore, we have requested the Chief Minister (of
Andhra Pradesh) to see if a resolution can be passed once
again. Let me get the Chief Minister`s reply," he said.

Asked whether there was any development on the Telangana
issue, the Home Minister said "nothing to add what I have said
last time".

"Consultations are on. The General Secretary of the
Congress party is consulting the MPs and MLAs of the Congress
party in Andhra Pradesh. So, hopefully, there will be some
progress in the near future," he said.

Reacting to the reports of the alleged suicide of a
youth, who apparently belong to Andhra Pradesh, in Delhi,
Chidambaram said, "Suicide in Delhi by a young person with a
note scrabble in his pocket appears to be related to Telangana
and we are very sorry that such things had happened.

"Young people should not take extreme steps. I think all
political parties should appeal to young people not to take
such extreme steps. But there are a number of reasons why
people are driven to take extreme steps. They are otherwise in
a state of distress too. But I am very sorry that such things
had happened," he said.


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