Seized money belongs to devotees: Sai`s nephew

RJ Ratnakar said, Rs 35.5 lakh in seized in cash belonged to the `devotees` but refused to elaborate more.

New Delhi: Late Sathya Sai Baba`s nephew
RJ Ratnakar, who was on Saturday questioned by police in
connection with the seizure of Rs 35.5 lakh in cash, on Sunday
said the money belonged to the "devotees" but refused to
elaborate more.

"This 35 lakh belongs to devotees. Now that this is in
the court and investigation is on, more details cannot be
told," he said.

The cash was recovered a day after Sai Baba`s personal
chamber `Yajur Mandir` was opened and it was disclosed that it
contained 98 kg of gold, 307 kg of silver, apart from Rs 11.56

Ratnakar refuted as "mud-slinging" and "totally false"
allegations that trust members were trying to siphon out

"None of us...we are incapable of doing such things.

We have dedicated our lives at the lotus feet of the Bhagwan
Baba," he said, adding there are "disgruntled" people who are
spreading such allegations.

He said the Sathya Sai trust is the "most transparent"
trust and we go by all statutory requirements.

He also dismissed suggestions that there was a rift
between members of the trust as some had come through
influence, saying the trust was constituted last year and all
came to the board together.

"Whoever has come to the trust were handpicked by
Bhagwan (Sathya Sai)and I don`t think anybody could have
influenced for others," he said.

He said he was not "aware" about the one hour delay in
taking Sathya Sai Baba to hospital soon after he fell ill and
denied that the arrival of `rahu kaalam` had come in the way
from taking him to hospital.


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