Telangana row: Opposition slams govt over four-year delay

Opposition came down heavily on Government in Rajya Sabha for Telangana decision, accusing it of trying to score political points by taking hurried decision after sitting on issue for four years.

New Delhi: The Opposition on Monday came down heavily on the Government in Rajya Sabha for its decision to create Telangana, accusing it of trying to score political points by taking a hurried decision after sitting on the sensitive issue for four years.
The House saw an impromptu debate on the issue with TDP MP YS Chowdary accusing Congress of resorting to "autocratic" approach in announcing creation of Telangana and taking the decision in "haste".

Seeking clarifications on the government`s statement on the issue, Chowdary said the step has led to a civil war like situation in the state.

"It is an unfortunate decision announced in an autocratic manner. The Congress communicated the decision in a hasty manner," he said.

Chowdary said the decision was not in sync with the Sri Krishna Committee report and the report was not taken into consideration while bifurcating the state. "The eighth chapter of the report was kept confidential," he said.

M Venkaiah Naidu (BJP) also accused the government of taking the decision "in a hurry" and "without any proper homework."

"You are trying to score political points. There are nine ministers from Andhra Pradesh in the Central government. They have also been kept in the dark," Naidu said, accusing the government of not taking stakeholders in the loop on the creation of Telangana.

The senior leader, who insisted that the "clarification" should continue beyond the usual one hour keeping "seriousness"

of the issue in mind, said the government could have avoided the ongoing "bleeding" situation in the state had it gone into the nitty-gritty of the issue.