Two years on, Telangana issue remains unresolved

It was on this day exactly two years ago that the "process for carving out a separate state of Telangana" was initiated.

Hyderabad: It was on this day exactly two
years ago that the central government announced that the
"process for carving out a separate state of Telangana" was
being initiated but it has not moved a few steps beyond that.
The fallout of Home Minister P Chidambaram’s statement on
Telangana forced the Government of India to constitute a
five-member Justice Srikrishna Committee to look into the
statehood demand. The panel submitted its report within the
prescribed period (December 31, 2010).

But the situation in the state has polarised so much that
the politial leaders of the two regions (Telangana and
Andhra-Rayalaseema) are not seeing eye-to-eye and and an
uneasy relationship prevails on the ground.

State Ministers hailing from one region have stopped
visiting the other region apparently fearing a backlash from
the public.

"It is undeniable that a hostile atmosphere grew between
the two regions of the state in the last two years. Also, the
hypocrisy of all the political parties (on the statehood
issue) has been exposed to the people," political commentator
Prof G Haragopal said.

"The December 9, 2009 statement by Chidambaram had
created new hopes and aspirations among the people of
Telangana and also led to many unexpected developments.
“Unrest grew among people as their aspirations were not
realised even as the political parties have been pushed into
an existential crisis," Haragopal said.

Developments in the last two years have taught a "new
political lesson" to the people of Andhra Pradesh and also
created the need for emergence of a new political force, the
academic remarked.

On the other hand, the economic loss suffered by the
state because of the statehood imbroglio has been

The revenue loss to the state government in just the
2010-11 financial year was a whopping Rs 9,652 crore. Sources
in the state Finance Department say the amount could be well
over Rs 15,000 crore between December 2009 and now.

"Both the government and the private sectors suffered a
loss of Rs 30,000 crore in the last two years because of the
agitation for a separate state," MIM leader Akbaruddin Owaisi
pointed out, a fact endorsed by industrialists.

"The ambiguity and indecisiveness on part of the
government is hurting more and stifling growth. The negative
impact of all this will be felt more in coastal Andhra in
future," Confederation of Indian Industry leader Y
Harishchandra Prasad noted.

Not a single industry worth the name has come up either
in Telangana or in other parts of the state in the last two
years whereas several multi-national companies like Peugeot
changed their track to neighbouring states like Tamil Nadu and


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