Modi effect! Balochistan locals oppose Pakistan, China's intervention, shout 'long live Nawab Bugti'

PM Modi in his Independence Day speech had openly come out in support of "freedom" for Balochistan and "Pakistan-occupied Kashmir"

Modi effect! Balochistan locals oppose Pakistan, China's intervention, shout 'long live Nawab Bugti'

New Delhi: Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted the plight of the Baloch people, the locals have strongly come out and protested against the Pakistani establishment and Chinese intervention in the area.

Pictures of Baloch Republican Party members protesting against Pakistan military operations and Chinese intervention in Balochistan were out in public domain today.

Besides agitating against the Chinese intervention on Baloch soil, the protesters shouted slogans "down with Pakistan, long live Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti".

Pakistan has been facing similar protests in other parts, such as Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) and Gilgit-Baltistan.

PM Narendra Modi ,in his Independence Day speech, had come out openly in support of "freedom" for Balochistan and "Pakistan-occupied Kashmir", and said India will never tolerate terrorism.

PM Modi's call for freedom of the restive areas didn't go down well with China. A state-run Chinese daily on Monday cried foul over India's move to extend enhanced compensation for victims of terror to people of PoK, saying Modi has "lost patience and switched to the expected hardline tone of hostility".

Notably, Balochistan leaders Brahumdagh Bugti and Ashraf Sherjan have expressed their gratitude towards India for highlighting the Balochistan issue internationally.

The PoK region has been witnessing huge protests in recent past. Locals in the region have been agitating on the streets to protest against the rigged July 21 election and Pakistan's occupation of the region.

Last year, there were reports claiming that the residents of PoK were openly advocating to be a part of India. They were said to be impressed with PM Narendra Modi's style of governance.