'Pakistan has sanctioned genocide of Baloch locals to promote Chinese imperialism in Balochistan'

Pakistan's illegal occupation of Balochistan has gained international attention after PM Narendra Modi mentioned about the struggle of Balochi people during his I-Day speech.

Last Updated: Sep 23, 2016, 20:36 PM IST
'Pakistan has sanctioned genocide of Baloch locals to promote Chinese imperialism in Balochistan'

Geneva: Author and columnist Tarek Fatah on Friday voiced concern over Balochistan issue saying, Pakistan is sanctioning the genocide of Balochi people to make way for the territory to be sold to Chinese imperialism.

Slamming Pakistan for the atrocities committed by the forces on Baloch locals, Fatah said, “It is a ultimate war crimes that Pakistani forces have committed, adding that “they have spilled blood of its own citizens.”

Baloch Representative at UNHRC Mehran Marri said the various Pakistan military Generals who were behind massacres in Balochistan should be hanged. He said the Pakistan Army personnel should be tried in International Criminal Court.

Marri who paid homage to Baloch people killed by Pakistani forces, said, “We are here to pay homage to the victims of ‘Kill & dump’ policy of Pakistani establishment.

Baloch leader Brahamdagh Bugti tool slammed Islamabad saying, it's high time and the world should know about Pakistan's barbaric acts.

Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted the human rights violations in Balochistan, several Baloch leaders living in exile have been aggressively advocating for freedom of the restive region from the clutches of Pakistan.

Pakistan's illegal occupation of Balochistan has gained international attention after Prime Minster Narendra Modi mentioned about the struggle of Balochi people during his Independence Day speech from the ramparts of Red Fort on August 15.