Assam: 60 acres land to be handed over to B`desh

India will hand over to Bangladesh 60 acres of Adverse Possession Land (APL) in Assam`s Barak Valley.

New Delhi: India will hand over to
Bangladesh 60 acres of Adverse Possession Land (APL) in the
state`s Barak Valley after both the countries sign an
agreement on exchange of enclaves during Prime Minister
Manmohan Singh`s visit to Dhaka on Tuesday.

Official sources said apart from the 60 acres of land in
Pallathal, currently under the adverse possession of
Bangladesh, India is not going to hand over any land or
enclave anywhere in Assam.

This comes in the wake of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad
observing a bandh in Assam claiming that India will hand over
to Bangladesh 600 acres of land in Dhubri district after the
pact is signed.

"We are not going to hand over any land in Assam except
60 acres in Pallathal which is already under the possession of
Bangladesh. The information of handing over land in Dhubri is
wrong," a source said.

Bangladesh has sought a total 360 acre APL in Pallathal
and 145 acres APL in Nayagaon. However, India agreed to only
60 acres in Pallathal.

Interestingly due to difference of opinion between India
and Bangladesh, no settlement has been achieved along around 3
km long international boundary at Lalitilla/ Dumabari sector
in Assam.

Sources said the Directorate of Land Records and Survey
of Assam has been insisting on acceptance of cadastral map of
Dumabari village of 1915-16 whereas Bangladesh`s Director
General of Land Record and Survey has been insisting for
acceptance of theodolite traverse data of Dumabari village on
the basis of demarcation.

"No decision has been taken on this area and therefore no
question of exchange of any land there," the source said.
Under the proposed agreement, India and Bangladesh will
exchange each other`s adverse possession enclaves. India has
111 Bangladeshi enclaves in its territory while 50 Indian
enclaves are located in Bangladesh.


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