Assam: About 3 lakh people still in relief camps

2,92,852 inmates are currently living in 228 relief camps in 4 trouble-torn districts of lower Assam.

Updated: Aug 14, 2012, 20:30 PM IST

Guwahati: Altogether 2,92,852 inmates are currently living in 228 relief camps in four trouble-torn districts of lower Assam, while 10,636 inmates having left the camps during the last 24 hours.

In Kokrajhar, 10,300 inmates left the camps, while 336 people went home in Chirang though none did so in Dhubri district, an official release said here today.
Among the total inmates in the relief camp, 61,439 belong to the Bodo community while 2,31,413 are from the minority community.

In Dhubri, 1,55,314 people are living in the relief camps, 77,459 in Kokrajhar, 47,477 in Chirang and 12,602 in Bongaigaon, the release said.
Dhubri has the highest number of 133 relief camps followed by Kokrajhar with 56, Chirang with 25 and 14 in Bongaigaon.

The minority community was living in 176 relief camps while the Bodos were housed in 52, it said.
At the height of the tension, a total 340 relief camps had been set up and more than four lakh people had taken shelter in these camps.

In Dhubri, 139 camps had been set up but only six have been closed, while in Kokrajhar, 90 camps were set up and 34 were closed so far.
In Chirang, 92 camps were set up at the height of the violence but 67 have been already closed. In Bongaigaon, 19 were set up but only five were closed.
The violence between the Bodos and minority migrants claimed 77 lives.