PM, Gogoi gave away Assam land to B’desh: ULFA

ULFA anti-talk faction accused PM Manmohan Singh and Assam CM Tarun Gogoi of secretly giving away Assam`s land to Bangladesh.

Guwahati: ULFA anti-talk faction on Monday accused Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Assam Chief Minister
Tarun Gogoi of secretly giving away Assam`s land to Bangladesh
in the recent land swap agreement.

"Chief minister Tarun Gogoi and non-genuine resident of
Assam Prime Minister Manmohan Singh happily gave away Assam`s
land to Bangladesh without informing the indigenous people of
the state ... By secretly giving away Assam`s land Gogoi and
Singh have tarnished our history", alleged the Paresh
Barua-headed ULFA wing`s publicity chief Arunudoy Dehotia.

He said in an email to the media here that the
indigenous people did not want to know how much land Assam
received from Bangladesh. "As Assamese we are honour bound to
maintain the geographical boundary of our state."
Continuing his tirade, Dehotia claimed that a few `power
hungry` people had made Assam a `sacrificial lamb` and dubbed
those who protest such moves as ISI agents or Maoists and
demanded that the government give proof of it.

"Else Gogoi also as the home minister must apologise to
the people of the state," he said.

Accusing ruling Congress of being puppets in the hands of
promoters of big dams, Dehotia said Gogoi and his ministers
have launched a false propaganda that those agitating for
halting the construction of big dam projects are
ULFA or Maoists.
"ULFA always supports any organisation that works for
the interest of Assam", he added.


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