All is fair in love, war, politics: Gopal Gandhi

Former West Bengal Governor Gopal Krishna Gandhi said that the present-day politics had degenerated to a low level.

Patna: Painting a sorry picture of the
political class in the country, former West Bengal Governor
Gopal Krishna Gandhi on Sunday said the present-day politics has
degenerated to such an extent that it will be fair to add
politics to the saying "everything is fair in love and war".

"The political discourse has degenerated today to
verbal slanging matches where nothing is foul. Everything is
fair; it is said in `love and war`. To that can now be added
`politics`," he said at the valedictory session of the
three-day Global Summit on Changing Bihar.

Contests between rivals could be toxic in electoral
politics in which the contests between rivals can be toxic,
but people on the same team were also seen fighting, he said.

Gandhi said that the spectacle of personal ambition
has overtaken idealism and vendetta replaces values among
political leaders so much so that the taste of power and pelf
has erased finer instincts of democracy and justice.

The politics of power has changed dynamics of Indian
politics with the vices like vengeance and vendetta, while
statesmen like Abraham Lincoln, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and
Nelson Mandela had used the politics of power to serve people.

The body of our political system is strong, but its
soul is not in good health, he said adding now a leader is
defined by the size of his flock and not his stature of work.

The former West Bengal Governor also regretted that
leadership was suffering from credibility.

Candidates with criminal background, sometimes with
convictions behind them and charges staring them, did contest
polls and get elected, he said.

Gandhi described as `unfortunate and avoidable` the
disagreement between a number of chief ministers and the
Centre on the "vital, complex and urgent" issue of setting up
the National Counter-Terrorism Centre (NCTC).

There was a dialogue deficit among our leaders on
terrorism, he said adding this must be replaced by frank
consultations and coordination.


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