Bihar BIMARU state even 64 yrs after freedom: NCP

Observing that the Bihar has continued to remain a `BIMARU` state even 64 years after the country attained freedom.

Patna: Observing that the Bihar has
continued to remain a `BIMARU` state even 64 years after the
country attained freedom, the NCP on Saturday lashed out at the
politicians and political parties for the prevailing
backwardness of the state and its people.

"Bihar has lagged behind other states in terms of
development even more than six decades since the independence
which speaks volume of the failure of the political class to
deliver the goods," the NCP national general secretary Tariq
Anwar said at at symposium held on the occasion of 127th birth
anniversary of the first president Rajendra Prasad.

The political parties and the politicians could not
escape responsibility for the morass in which the state finds
itself today as the industrial development has continued to
elude it and other avenues for development to bring employment
opportunities and prosperity to the people, he said.

Today`s Bihar was not only known as economically
backward state, but also for being the biggest producer of
labour force who routinely migrate to the nook and corners of
the country in search of work to earn livelihood for
themselves and their dependents, Anwar said.

The senior NCP leader also rubbished the tall claims
being made by the NDA government headed by the Chief Minister
Nitish Kumar about development of the state over the past six
years and asked the latter to prove his point on the basis of
industrial development, quantum of private investment and
concrete yardsticks.

Contrary to whatever the Chief Minister says about
development of Bihar, there has been no investment of
private capital nor many industrial units set up for
employment generation and the flight of labour force from the
state was significant even today, Anwar said.

Rejecting the state government`s contention about
improvement of the law and order situation in Bihar, he said
that the private investors were still scared to commit their
money in the state and they were not sure when they will be
haunded by the criminals and extortionists and forced to flee.


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