Bihar CM greets nation on occasion of Eid

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar wished people on the occasion of Eid, and said the festival symbolises love and brotherhood.

Patna: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Monday wished people on the occasion of Eid, and said the festival symbolises love and brotherhood.

"On the occasion of Eid, I want to wish all the residents of Bihar as well as everyone in this country. Eid is celebrated all over the country. It is a symbol of love and brotherhood. There is no discrimination between big or small, high or low, rich or poor, there is no distinction of any kind," Kumar said in Patna.

Similar views were aired by Mohammad Rahim, a Muslim cleric in Ahmedabad, who urged the people to foster the “spirit of brotherhood”.

Muslims here poured in large numbers to pray for peace and prosperity of their people as well as the nation.

"We are praying for peace, prosperity and brotherhood and we must foster the spirit of brotherhood. We must consider other`s lives as precious as our own, this is the message spread by Islam and whatever we do must be in the interest of the nation," Rahim said.

Muslims in Srinagar said that this is a day to remember the people who had fallen prey to either the militancy or tension in the Valley.

"Eid has finally arrived today after Roza and it is a day of happiness. We have all gathered here today to celebrate the festival and offer prayers. There is an atmosphere of joy and celebration. People are pouring in large numbers to offer prayers. I would pray that those people who have fallen prey to the destruction and tension in Kashmir for the last 20 years, they must be remembered on this day," said Mohammad Rahim, a devotee.

In New Delhi, devotees thronged the Jama Masjid to offer Eid prayers.

Wishing the nation on the occasion, Cleric of Jama Masjid, Maulana Syed Ahmed Bukhari, hailed all those people who observed month long fast.

"On this auspicious occasion of Eid, I would like to wish all the Muslims. I would like to wish from the core of my heart to people who read the holy books during the month of Ramadan and fasted for the whole month. I would like to appeal to them to remember the orphans, destitute, poor and widows on this occasion," said Bukhari.

Expressing sorrow over the recent incidents of ethnic violence in Assam, he urged the Muslims to maintain peace and tranquillity.

"All of us regret and express sorrow at the prevailing condition in Assam and other parts of India. However, we have to keep in mind that the miscreants want to disrupt the peace and tranquillity in the country. They want Muslims to take to streets and enter into scuffle with the police; it would be our loss,” Bukhari said.

He further urged the Muslims to not pay heed to the rumours, and remain “alert”.

“I would like to appeal to the Muslims of India to remain alert and not pay heed to the rumours, which are spread by the miscreants. They want us to get emotionally agitated and it is important for us at such a time to control our emotions,” he said.

The occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr marks the end of ``Ramadan``, a month long religious fast observed by Muslims.

The festival symbolises feasts and festivities.

Culmination of the holy month of Ramadan of the Islamic calendar was declared with the sighting of moon across India on Sunday.