CAG indicts Bihar Animal and Fishery resources

The CAG has indicted Bihar Animal and Fishery resources department for infructuous expenditure of Rs 19.1 cr on non-functional establisments.

Patna: The CAG has indicted Bihar Animal and
Fishery resources department for infructuous expenditure of Rs
19.1 cr on non-functional establisments.

In its report for the period ended on March 31, 2011, CAG
said Rs 9.55 crore was spent on pay and allowances /salaries
and wages etc of staff deployed in non - functional
establishments like cattle breeding farms at Patna and
Dumaraon (Rs 7.16 crore) and frozen semen Bank cum Bull
station, Patna (Rs 2.39 crore).

Audit scrutiny RE that against the available accommodations
of 650 and 450 respectively in these farms, the average
available cattle in Patna and Dumaraon (Buxar) during 2007-11
was 29 and 30 respectively.

But none of the bulls was distributed for cattle breeding,
through Rs 5.21 crore and Rs 1.95 crore were spent on the pay
and allowances of the staff posted in Patna and Dumraon farms
The government stated (Nov 2011) that plans would be made to
revive these cattle breeding farms and utilise the services of
bulls for natural insemination.

The CAG said the frozen semen bank cum bull station
(FSB-cum-BS), Patna was responsible for the collection of
semen from exotic and cross breed bulls and to produce frozen
semen straw breeding.

The auditor observed that FSB-cum-BS, Patna did not
produce any frozen semen during 2007-11 due to non-allotment
of funds under this scheme though Rs 2.39 crore was spent on
wages of 28 employees.
No efforts were made by the department to review
the posting of these idle employees or to transfer them
to other offices, it said.

The government stated (November 2011) that efforts were on
for the production of semen straw by December 2011.

Artificial insemination performance during 2008-11 was
dismal and BLDA failed to produce any frozen semen dose during
this period.

Due to dismal performance in the project, the central
government did not release any further (second instalment)

Though the production target for frozen semen for articial
insemination was 20 lakh doses per year, the BLDA failed to
produce even a single dose during this period due to
non-functioning of its laboratory and non-procurement of

This resulted in the purchase of 4,74,852 doses of
frozen semen at a cost of Rs 48.78 lakh during 2008-2-11
which was completely avoidable. The product failed to
achieve its objectives in spite of incurring an expenditure
of Rs 7.89 crore, the report said.

The government stated (November 2011) that due to
non-availability of adequate infrastructure like laboratory
etc and adequate release of funds in second phase, production
could not be started.

However, it said that production of targeted frozen semen
would begin from December 2011. The reply was not
acceptable as the department could not even utilise the
available funds.


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