Mukhiya ji’s killing: Paswan suspects political conspiracy

Ram Vilas Paswan on Sunday demanded the dismissal of Nitish Kumar government in Bihar.

New Delhi: Suspecting a "political conspiracy" behind Ranvir Sena Chief Brahmeswar Singh`s killing in Ara, LJP chief Ram Vilas Paswan on Sunday demanded the dismissal of Nitish Kumar government in Bihar comparing the Chief Minister with Nero.

"When Rome was burning, Nero was playing flute. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was sitting in Bhagalpur, when there was lawlessness prevailing in the streets of Patna during Singh`s funeral procession," Paswan said.

He wonderd why the state government does not accept the demand for CBI inquiry into the killing when "almost all the parties" have favoured it.

"There is no possibility of a proper probe into the matter by the Bihar government. The government should be dismissed and President rule clamped in the state. The case should be handed over to CBI," Paswan said addressing a press conference here.

Claiming that there was threat to the life of Singh, the LJP leader said despite demands for providing him security, the "state government did not pay heed to it".

"The murder of Singh as well as what happened thereafter including yesterday in the streets expose the hollowness of the good governance (Sushashan) claim of Bihar government," Paswan said.

He said "for the last many days, Barmeshwar Singh was giving statements against the state government....If Maoists or Naxals kill anybody, they also own it, which did not happen in this case. There are other reasons, too, behind the incident. There could be political reasons. There appears to be a political conspiracy."

He said the attention of the security apparatus in the state yesterday was just to ensure safety to the CM House in Patna, when civillians were being targeted.

Police outposts were torched, vehicles targeted and traffic blocked as the funeral procession of slain Ranvir Sena chief from Ara to the state capital turned violent yesterday.