Narendra Modi tears into Nitish Kumar at Hunkar rally, calls him opportunist

Stage is set for Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi massive rally in Patna in Gandhi Maidan.

Zee Media Bureau/Manisha Singh

2:26 pm Modi signs off with Bharat Mata ki Jai and Vande Matram.

2:25 pm Government has one religion - India first: Modi

2:24 pm Poor Hindus and Poor Muslims do not want to fight each other. They want to fight poverty: Modi

2:22 pm Bihar`s Muslims can`t afford to go on Haj. Gujarat Muslims can afford to because they are prosperous. In Bihar there is a quota of 7,500 Muslims for Haj Yatra, only 6000 applications come. In Gujarat quota for Haj is 4500, but receive 40,000 applications because Guj Muslims are prosperous: Modi

2:21 pm I will give back the love that you have given me with interest: Modi

2:20 pm Bihar BJP has asked a package from the Centre. That should be given: Modi

2:19 pm This event will lead to a new chapter in the history of India: Modi

2:18 pm The people of this country want change. The more they throw muck at us, the more `Kamal` will bloom: Modi

2:16 pm A minister of Bihar says that people join the Army to die. This is shameful. Reject such humiliation and teach these people a lesson: Modi

2:13 pm If Bihar has to be taken to the times of Chanakya, then one has to leave the politics of divisiveness behind and adopt the politics of unity: Modi

2:13 pm The Congress has always played the politics of divisiveness: Modi

2:12 pm Congress does not know what poverty is. I know what is poverty. I used to sell tea in train compartments and have reached here: Modi

2:08 pm The youth did not get any jobs: Modi

2:05 pm The Congress did not do anything to bring down the price. They have not fulfilled even eighty percent of the work that they promised to do: Modi

2:03 pm The people of Congress feel bad when I address their leader as `Shahzade`. I tell them that if you leave dynastic politics, then I will also leave addressing their leader as Shahzade: Modi

2:02 pm Modi asks the crowd whether they will punish those who has betrayed them or not.

2:00 pm Nitish was told by few that he should align with the Congress so that he could become the PM: Modi

1:59 pm The leaders of Bihar wanted me to come to Bihar for campaigning. But on the other hand reports used to come about a split in the NDA if I did. But I didn`t care that I was being humiliated. I didn`t care that I was not allowed to come to Bihar. All I wanted was that jungle raj should not come back to Bihar: Modi

1:57 pm The progress that Bihar has made in the last couple of years was because of the good work done by BJP ministers: Modi

1:55 pm The people of Bihar should understand the ideology of BJP. We could have had a BJP CM once but let JD(U) leader be the CM as we wanted Bihar to be rid of jungle-raj. However, that government fell in a week: Modi

1:51 pm Lalu Prasad Yadav used to always abuse me. He always said that he will never let me become PM. When he met with an accident, I called him up. Lalu told the media that inspite of the fact that I abuse him, Modi called me: Modi

1:50 pm Once the Bihar CM came to Gujarat in 2006 for a personal visit. We took good care of him. This is what our has culture taught us: Modi

1:49 pm Nitish has not only betrayed the BJP. He has betrayed the people of Bihar. Hold the government accountable for cheating you: Modi

1:48 pm The CM of Bihar was our friend. People ask as to why he left the BJP. I tell them, someone who can leave JP and Rammanohar Lohia, can leave anyone: Modi

1:46 pm Whenever the country has needed anything, Bihar has fulfilled it. It gave Gautam Buddha, Bhagwan Mahavir and 10th Guru Govind Singh ji. It also gave Jaiprakash Narayan to the country: Modi

1:45 pm Modi asks people to chant after him – Hunkar bharo, Hunkar bharo.

1:43 pm This `Hunkar` is the hunkar of crores of people of Bihar which has started from Bihar: Modi

1:42 pm Modi invokes the Champaran movement for independence.

1:38 pm People of Bihar are not opportunistic except few: Modi

1:35 pm Modi starts speaking. Addresses the crowd in Bhojpuri for some time.

1:36 pm Rajnath concludes speech.

1:34 pm BJP does not do the politics of religion and divisiveness: Rajnath

1:32 pm Yuvraj says that his life in danger. What is wrong with him? He should be brave like Narendra Modi: Rajnath

1:30 pm The PM will not speak on anything so what will the CBI ask him: Rajnath

1:28 pm Congress government in the nine and a half years have created new records of corruption: Rajnath

1:22 pm The Congress has done nothing to curb price rise. Only BJP can lessen the price rise in this country. India cannot progress until the poor and the farmers` progress: Rajnath

1:20 pm Modi is the hope of the nation today: Rajnath

1:15 pm BJP president Rajnath Singh starts speaking. Have never seen this kind of crowd in my life, says Rajnath.

1:00 pm Leader of Opposition in LoK Sabha Arun Jaitley addresses the crowd.

12:58 pm Modi reaches the venue of the venue. He is accompanied by BJP president Rajnath Singh, Arun Jaitley, Sushil Modi, Shatrughan Sinha and Shahnawaz Hussain amongst others.

12:50 pm BJP going ahead with Modi`s Hunkar rally.
12:45 pm "There is something suspicious. I can feel. They will divide the nation, divide the people only for power," JD(U) leader Sabir Ali says.

12:44 pm "This blast cannot stop the youth from being part of Modi`s rally. There is anger among people and they want to get rid of Congress," says BJP leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said.

12:35 pm Another crude bomb reported to have gone off near Gandhi Maidan. Police detain one suspect.

12:30 pm Reports come in of a second explosion takes place at a movie theatre in Patna. Said to be of low intensity.

12:12 pm BJP`s PM candidate Narendra Modi arrives in Patna to address the Hunkar rally.

- Large crowds gather at the venue of the rally.

- Security beefed up after blast ahead of Modi`s rally.

- A blast takes place at the Patna Railway station in a toilet ahead of Modi`s rally, one feared dead. Two more bombs were recovered.

- Almost all top BJP leaders from Bihar have been camping in Bihar to mobilse support for Modi`s rally.

- More than ten special trains and around 3000 buses have been arranged to bring people to the state`s capital. Special arrangements for food and refreshment have been made for the supporters.

- Massive preparations have been undertaken by the Bihar BJP to make Modi`s rally a meha success.

- Stage is set for Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi massive rally in Patna in Gandhi Maidan, his first in Bihar since the BJP and JD(U) split in June 16 this year, ending a 17 year alliance.