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‘Nitish free to choose whom to give priority’

Reacting sharply to Team Anna`s attack on the state Lokayukta bill, Kumar had said he does not need a certificate from Team Anna.

Updated: Nov 12, 2011, 20:37 PM IST

Ghaziabad: Miffed at Nitish Kumar`s rebuff
to them over the criticism of Bihar Lokayukta Bill, Team Anna
on Saturday said the Bihar Chief Minister was free to choose whom to
give priority to but they will continue to comment on the
effectiveness of such laws.

Team Anna member Kumar Vishwas said they were trying to
get in touch with the Chief Minister for the past two weeks
but could not do so.

"It is Nitish Kumar`s choice whom to give priority. As
concerned citizens, we will continue to give advice about
the bill.

"We`ve been trying to get in touch with Nitish Kumar and
senior BJP leaders in the state for the last two weeks. Now
Arvind Kejriwal is sending an email to the CM with suggestions
about the bill, which we hope he looks into and places before
the House," Vishwas told reporters here.

Another Team Anna member Shanti Bhushan had yesterday
wondered whether there was a deal between him and the ruling
party at the Centre as Congress praised Kumar for rebuffing
Team Anna on the state Lokayukta Bill.

Reacting sharply to Team Anna`s attack on the state
Lokayukta bill, Kumar had said he does not need a certificate
from Team Anna about his drive against graft.

Asked about a news channel`s sting operation purportedly
showing some people planning to attack Anna Hazare, Manish
Sisodia said "these people belong to the same country that
wants the Jan Lokpal bill to be passed. We need to talk to
these people and find out why they are angry."

Sisodia, however, agreed strict action should be taken
against people who pose a security threat to not just Team
Anna but also the people who support them, while stating
that none of the Team Anna members would demand personal

"As Anna says, it is more important to protect the idea
of this revolution," he said.

On blogger Raju Parulekar`s accusation that Kiran Bedi,
Prashant Bhushan, Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia formed a
`gang of four` which was using Anna Hazare to further its own
interests, he said "while it feels nice to be considered
close to Anna, there is nothing like that.

"All the core committee members are following Anna Hazare
in his fight against corruption," he said.

"Parulekar was appointed to take Anna`s message to the
people but when he started colouring it with his own opinion,
Anna let him go. That`s all there is to the matter," Vishwas