People had more faith in grand alliance: Puri Shankaracharya

Goverdhan Peethadhishwar Shankaracharya Adhokshajanand Sunday welcomed the Bihar polls results.

Mathura: Goverdhan Peethadhishwar Shankaracharya Adhokshajanand today welcomed the Bihar polls results saying it shows that people have more faith in the grand alliance which "symbolises truth".

Adhokshajanand also requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to introspect the results and make sure that the harmony of the country was maintained.

"Lie, intolerance, arrogance have been defeated in Bihar. The results show that people had more faith in the grand alliance, since according to them it symbolises Ruth," he said here today.

My blessings are with Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, he added.

"I expect Nitish Kumar to stand upto the expectation of people and give a proof that truth, ultimately has won in the polls," he said before his departure for Varanasi.

Shankaracharya advised Prime Minister Narendra Modi to introspect and make law to ban slaughtering of cows and beef export.

The early he (Modi) was able to discipline and restrain his party activists from making irresponsible statements which spoil the harmony of the country, the better it would be, the Puri Shankracharya said.

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