Seek feedback from Twitter: Nagaland Guv to Nitish

Nagaland Governor Nikhil Kumar today lauded the NDA government for doing good work in Bihar`s development.

Patna: Nagaland Governor Nikhil Kumar
today lauded the NDA government for doing good work in Bihar`s
development but suggested the state should also take the
feedback from social networking sites as well.
The state should seek feedback from opinion-makers on
the social networking sites like Twitter and incorporate their
ideas in the development process, the former MP from
Aurangabad constituency, said at a seminar `Governance in
India : Challenges and Responses` here.

While NDA was basking in the glory of a massive
mandate to run the affairs of Bihar, political stability was
not the only yardstick for development of a state, but
engagement with right thinking people did serve the purpose in
planning and formulating strategies for allround development,
he said.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar must also set up a
mechanism to acknowledge inputs put out by people on
development issues and reply to any letter by an individual on
the matter, the Governor said.

The suggestions by the people should be duly
acknowledged as part public interaction mechanism in addition
with the `Janata Darbar` exercise, Kumar said while lauding
the NDA government "for doing good works to usher in
development in Bihar."

The former Lok Sabha MP from Aurangabad recalled that
he had himself given certain suggestions to the state
government on the planning for infrastructure development of
the state capital.
His suggestions entailed measures for inviting
private investment for development of Patna, but he had not
received any response from the state government, Nikhil Kumar

Senior BJP leader and Deputy Chief Minister Sushil
Kumar Modi attributed Bihar`s backwardness to political
instability for over four decades till the NDA came to power
in 2005 and stemmed the rot.

Bihar witnessed political instability since the first
Chief Minister Sri Krishna Singh lost power in 1961 and the
process continued till the last days of the RJD-led rule in
early 2000 to lose out on development, said.

He said there was "simply no vision of development"
among those who ruled the state during this period.

However, the NDA government headed by the Chief
Minister Nitish Kumar has taken Bihar on the path of
development and put in place review and monitoring mechanism
from the state headquarters to the ground level, the Deputy
Chief Minister said, claiming the results were already showing
at both micro and macro levels.

Senior journalist Swapan Dasgupta emphasized on the
need for good governance with ideological neutrality to carry
out development in right spirit and in larger public interest.

The governments should provide good governance and
ensure ideological neutrality for expeditious development all
across the country, he said.

"Unfortunately, the planning process has become
highly centralized over the years and the governments in-power
have been guided by populism to set out development agendas,"
Dasgupta underscored.

The seminar was organised by the Asian Development
Research Institute.


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