Coward who threw dog from rooftop in Chennai is on the run – Hunt him out!

The coward has been identified as Gautam Sudarshan, a final year MBBS student.

Coward who threw dog from rooftop in Chennai is on the run – Hunt him out!

Chennai: The psychopath was smiling when he held the poor creature on the edge of the terrace of a five-storey building. The nervous animal wagged its tail in nervous anticipation – trusting the man and his judgement of the risk.

And then...the horrible act. The dog was flung down! It hit the ground with a thud and let out a cry....

After the video of the incident – shot by another deranged man – became viral on social media, the perpetrator of the cruelty was identified as Gautam Sudharshan, a final year MBBS student at Madha Medical College, Kundrathur, Chennai.

And the man holding the camera is believed to be a fellow medical student Ashish Paul – official confirmation is awaited.

The duo is now on the run even as a manhunt has been launched to trace them.

The Humane Society International/India has offered a reward of Rs 1 lakh to anyone who provides information leading to the arrest of Gautam.

Reports added that the college management has asked his parents to ensure his surrender, else he will not be allowed to sit for the final exams – and graduate to become a doctor and save lives!

We at join the effort to trace the accused and bring him to justice.

Let's spread the word. Let's hunt him out....