3D replica of Delhi on special portal soon

Delhi government is set to complete its most ambitious IT project under which a three-dimensional replica of the city.

New Delhi: By next month, Delhi government
is set to complete its most ambitious IT project under which a three-dimensional replica of the city including all overground and underground utilities as well as structures will be made available on a portal.

Already, digital mapping of entire range of public utilities including water pipelines, sewerage systems, telephone and electricity lines, hospitals, schools, markets and other physical structures dedicated to the delivery of different services have been completed.

Chief Secretary Rakesh Mehta said the project -- said to be the first of its kind in the country -- is expected to be completed by next month.

"I have told MTNL to complete laying fibre optics as soon as possible. The project is likely to be completed by next month," he said.

Officials in IT Department, which has been working on the project for last three years, said digital data mapping comprised all roads, Metro lines, ward and district boundaries, police stations locations, underground and overground utilities as well as parks and hospitals.
The common database will be made available to various government departments for design, planning, execution and monitoring of all infrastructure projects.

It is a giant leap towards making Delhi a new age city
as digitisation of all underground and overground assets would improve urban planning and governance to a great extent, said Mehta.

The availability of underground utilities in digital form
will enable the departments concerned to undertake preventive maintenance programmes as well as locate the fault in the underground utility with precision.

Officials said the portal would be accessible to 30 agencies including MCD, NDMC, DDA and various departments of
Delhi government.

The Rs 120 crore project will also create a Land Information System (LIS) and Urban Spatial Information System (USIS) in digital format.

Officials said under the LIS, a proper digitised databank of all the available land will be prepared. The LIS will help in maintaining accurate information on ownership, rights, restrictions and responsibilities linked to the land.

They said the project will also help detect illegal constructions as it provides for the installation of wireless cameras at different points in the city to facilitate the monitoring of these areas.

The system developed will also be used for disaster management, traffic management, security of important buildings and other valuable infrastructural assets in Delhi.