98% rape accused known to victims: Delhi Police

Police Commissioner BK Gupta said the Delhi Police would deploy more women police personnel on duty.

New Delhi: Despite several new initiatives by Delhi Police to make the capital safer for women, the year 2011 saw a significant increase in the number of rape and
molestation cases than the previous year with 98 percent of the offenders being either related or known to the victims.

A total of 568 rape cases were reported in the year gone by as compared to 507 in 2010. However, the incidence of rape per lakh population has shown a steady decline in Delhi, coming down from 4.42 per lakh in 2005 to 3.39 per lakh in

Addressing the Delhi Police Annual Press Conference here, Police Commissioner B K Gupta said, in over 550 rape cases of the 568 reported in 2011, the offenders were found to be known to the victims.

"Another important factor about rape cases and molestation cases is that in most of the cases the accused were found to be known to the victim or her family. Thus it is seen that these are opportunistic crimes committed in private spaces," Gupta said.

He said only 2 percent of rapes in 2011 were committed by strangers. In 2010, 3.94 percent of rapes were committed by strangers.

There has also been an increase in cases of molestation of women in 2011 with 653 cases being reported as against 601 in 2010, he said.

In 2010, the city witnessed 489 rape incidents, including the infamous Dhaula Kuan rape and Mongolpuri, as against 2009`s 459. The figure for 2006 was 609 followed by a drop to 581 next year while in 2008 it further dipped to 466.

To reduce the crime against women and make Delhi more safer for the fair sex, Gupta said the Delhi Police would deploy more women police personnel on duty and every police station will have a woman police personnel to interact with complainants.


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