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Bihar Assembly Elections 2015 Results

AAP not supporting any party in Bihar: Arvind Kejriwal

Last Updated: Thursday, October 1, 2015 - 00:32

New Delhi: As Bihar heads for a fierce political battle, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday said AAP was not extending support to any political party in assembly polls, hinting not much should be read in his recent visit to Patna and reports of his closeness with Nitish Kumar.

"I am not supporting anyone in Bihar and I have not gone their for campaigning. I had gone (Bihar) for a workshop on governance organised by the Bihar Chief Minister before the dates for elections were announced," he said.

The JD(U) had supported AAP during the Delhi Assembly polls and also during AAP Chief Arvind Kejriwal's Varanasi fight against Narendra Modi in the Lok Sabha polls. Both Kejriwal and Kumar share a personal rapport. Kejriwal hinted that not much should be read about reports of closeness with State Chief Minister Kumar.

The decision comes in the backdrop of Kumar's ally Lalu Prasad recently making a number of statements projecting the Bihar polls a fight between "forward and backward castes". A section of AAP was also uncomfortable supporting the grand secular alliance because of Lalu's conviction in the fodder scam.

On a question about relations between Delhi Government and the Centre, he accused the Modi government of "interfering" in affairs of Delhi on a day-to-day basis and trying to trigger "rebellion" in the bureaucracy.

The Delhi Chief Minister was speaking at a convention organised by All India Management Association (AIMA).

"Delhi Government officers report to me but they get orders from higher ups to disobey Chief Minister's orders. They were threatened that strict disciplinary action would be taken and their salaries would be frozen if they obey orders of CM," Kejriwal said.

"Its a rebellion they are causing in the Delhi Government," he added.

Earlier this month, Lt Governor Najeeb Jung had warned all bureaucrats not to follow illegal orders issued by the AAP government which were declared "null and void" by the Centre.

"People of Delhi have elected us for governance and they (Centre) interfere on day-to-day basis. Whatever orders I pass, next day it is declared null and void by them. How do I function?"

"Its not just encroachment in our authority, its also encroachment of judiciary's authority, because If I am passing wrong orders, they have no right to declare my orders null and void. Let them go to the judiciary which has power to declare my orders null and void," he said.

Narrating the success story of his party, Kejriwal said "when AAP was voted back to power in Assembly elections, it seemed that the party of the people had overcome its biggest challenge. However, its job as government has been made very difficult by a system that centralises power and is insensitive to local needs."

Counting achievements of AAP Government in Delhi, he said that these achievements considered "fantasy" under the traditional regimes have been obtained through "power of conviction and unconventional politics."

"The AAP government has brought about many changes that were considered impossible by many. The costs of electricity and water have been substantially lowered, the capacity for affordable healthcare and education has been increased, corruption has been reduced by empowering the citizens and by acting against the corrupt public officials. Transfer and posting industry in government jobs has been dismantled," he said.

Terming AAP as a "case study" of "winning against the odds", the Delhi CM said " it is also a unique case study because it not only had to beat the established parties in the elections, it also had to struggle against a restricted governance system."

With every success AAP is able to convince others, not only of its own credentials as a "change agent" but also of its political philosophy, he added.


First Published: Thursday, October 1, 2015 - 00:32

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