AAP queries EC claiming workers detained for wearing T-shirt with party symbol

AAP sought a "clarification" from the Election Commission on the valid means of campaigning.

New Delhi: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Tuesday sought a "clarification" from the Election Commission on the valid means of campaigning after its volunteers were allegedly detained by Delhi Police for using caps, t-shirts, small sticker and badges bearing party name and symbol.

In a letter to Chief Election Commissioner, the party has sought point wise clarification on seven issues related to the campaigning following implementation of model code of conduct for the December 4 Assembly Elections.

"We assume... That wearing cap with party symbol and party name by an individual volunteer, by a group, distribution of caps with party symbol and party name -- valued less than Rs four and wearing as well as distribution of badges and small stickers with party symbol are allowed as valid means of campaigning for the upcoming Assembly elections," the letter said.

Also, AAP has sought clarification on whether wearing of T-shirts with party name and symbol by volunteers and their moving in group for door to door campaign wearing party`s name and symbol violated any model code of conduct, it said.

The AAP alleged that its volunteers were unnecessarily harassed by Delhi Police for wearing cap and t-shirt with the party`s name and symbol since the implementation of Code of Conduct in Delhi.

"Even though AAP volunteers were peacefully campaigning for the party by wearing caps, Delhi Police is detaining them allegedly for violating the code of conduct. Today, some of our volunteers were detained at Rajinder Nagar Police Station and were let off later for want of a valid reason," AAP spokesperson said in a statement, adding police was even objecting to wearing T-shirts terming it to be illegal.

On Sunday last, police had allegedly detained around six to seven AAP volunteers for about six to seven hours for wearing t-shirts and caps near Firozshah Kotla stadium.