AAP trust vote in Delhi Assembly: As it happened

AAP government faces crucial vote of confidence in Delhi Assembly today.

By Kamna Arora | Last Updated: Jan 03, 2014, 00:01 AM IST

Zee Media Bureau/ Kamna Arora and Manisha Singh

7:06 pm: The most important agenda for us is the Jan Lokpal Bill – Delhi CM.

7:05 pm: I am confident that the Delhi model of politics will be adopted in the entire country – Kejriwal.

7:04 pm: We will continue to serve the people of the country with fervour – Kejriwal.

7:02 pm: We have a lot of challenges ahead of us – Kejriwal.

6:50 pm: I would like to congratulate the people of Delhi – Kejriwal.

6:45: pm: Delhi CM addresses the media after winning the trust vote.

6:34 pm: Aam Aadmi Party wins vote of confidence in Delhi Assembly. Arvind Kejriwal is the new and seventh Chief Minister of Delhi.

6:33 pm: Trust vote begins in House.

6:32 pm: I have not come to ask for support for myself – Kejriwal.

6:31 pm The law needs to be such that within three to six months cases pertaining to assault on women should be dealt with – Kejriwal.

630 pm: Government schools need to be improved and also increased. Also donations regarding private schools need to be stopped - Kejriwal.

6:26 pm: The people living in unauthorised colonies need to be given their basic dues – Kejriwal.

6:24 pm: Delhi power companies need to be audited – Kejriwal.

6:24 pm: Delhi should be given full statehood - Kejriwal.

6:20 pm: A strict anti-graft law must be passed in Delhi – Kejriwal.

6:19 pm: – There is an unusual VIP culture in this country. This culture we need to eradicate from Delhi and this country – Kejriwal.

6:17 pm: – On December 04 and 08 a miracle happened – Kejriwal.

6:16 pm: Nobody had thought that AAP would win 28 seats – Kejriwal.

6:14 pm: The politics of this country has become rotten. It has become corrupt. We need to improve the politics in this country – Kejriwal.

6:12 pm: We all need to introspect as to why in so many years the common people have not got their due – Kejriwal.

6:12 pm: We were forced to launch a political party – Kejriwal.

06:10 pm: I want to assure the House that the corrupt will be dealt with in strictly. Will probe graft and nobody will be spared – Kejriwal.

06:05 pm: Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal rises to speak in the Delhi Assembly.

3:27 pm: The decision to provide free water will not benefit the needy, said Lovely. Instead of getting cheaper, water has become costlier after AAP`s decision. You (AAP) gave subsidy for power tariffs, we also gave it during our time. So what is the difference between Congress and AAP, asked Lovely.

3:22 pm: Congress chose to support the Aam Aadmi Party because it believed that this was what Delhiites wanted. Congress will support AAP for as long as it works for the good of people in Delhi. He further advised AAP not to act in a hurry.

3:18 pm: Accusing the BJP of misleading people, Lovely said that no matter the BJP does, it will always sit in the opposition. We can understand your (BJP) pain, added Lovely. Taking a dig, Lovely said like the way Dr Harsh Vardhan has remained a CM-in-waiting, Narendra Modi will stay as the Prime Minister-in-waiting.

3:14 pm: President of Congress` Delhi unit Arvinder Singh Lovely begins debate, declares his party`s support for the AAP government.

3:10 pm: Dr Harsh Vardhan concluded his debate, saying the AAP betrayed the people and the BJP can`t support it.

2:50 pm: You didn`t want security, but you enjoy three-tier security. Also, there is nothing special about using the metro. I have been using the metro to commute from Krishna Nagar to Dwarka where my children stay, I have never invited the media to highlight this. With your metro rides, you have put the public`s safety in danger, added Dr Harsh Vardhan. The BJP leader also asked Kejriwal to apologise for the Jammu and Kashmir remark and for Batla House encounter stand.

2:45 pm: There have been many scams in 15 years of Congress rule. I heard Mr Kejriwal saying if Dr Harsh Vardhan had any evidence, he should share it with us. I want to ask the Chief Minister, why did he claim to act against the corrupt people in Congress if he had no evidence?

2:35 pm: The BJP leader said that when AAP emerged, people of this country saw new hope. Though the AAP emerged due to Anna Hazare`s movement, the social crusader decided to stay out of politics. However, he questioned the reason behind Kejriwal joining hands with those (Congress) whom he earlier promised to send behind bars. "What is AAP`s reason behind joining hands with a party the people `threw in the dustbin`?"

2:20 pm: I congratulate the new government, said BJP leader Harsh Vardhan. Before elections, Kejriwal urged people to vote for the most honest party and people of Delhi gave the most seats to BJP. Strange the party that got maximum votes is sitting in opposition, added Harsh Vardhan.

2:15 pm: Addressing the Assembly ahead of the trust motion, Sisodia said the AAP is here for development and the party wants to ensure that people in Delhi get clean water to drink and cheap electricity. Vowing to improve the facilities for Delhiites, the AAP minister said the party is “here for the traders, farmers and youth of Delhi”.

"We are not a party, we`re representatives of people," said Sisodia.

2:12 pm: We didn`t compromise to form the government, said Sisodia. Addressing the Assembly ahead of the trust motion, Sisodia said the AAP is here for development and the party wants to ensure that people in Delhi get clean water to drink and cheap electricity.

2:11 pm: AAP minister Manish Sisodia moves trust motion in Delhi Assembly.

2:10 pm: Delhi Assembly session begins, Aam Aadmi Party to face trust vote.

2:05 pm: BJP MLAs object to Aam Aadmi Party MLAs wearing party caps in the Delhi Assembly before the commencement of proceedings. Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia, sitting along Kejriwal, watching with a smile.

1:45 pm: After the conclusion of Delhi BJP MLA`s meeting, Dr Harsh Vardhan said they will oppose AAP government`s confidence motion.

1:22 pm: Kejriwal reaches Delhi Assembly.

1:20 pm: All Congress MLAs will be present for trust vote in Delhi Assembly, said Ballimaran MLA Haroon Yusuf.

1:18 pm: Speakers from AAP during debate: Arvind Kejriwal, Rakhi Birla, Vinod Kumar Binny, Madan Lal, Saurabh Bharadwaj

Speakers from Congress during debate: Haroon Yusuf and Arvinder Singh Lovely
12:58 pm: Enroute to Assembly, Kejriwal said his party is not power-hungry. “People have faith in us, we have no fear, added Kejriwal.

12:50 pm: AAP MLA MS Dhir files nomination for Delhi Assembly Speaker post.

12:50 pm: AAP party meeting starts at Delhi Assembly ahead of crucial trust vote.

12:45 pm: Kejriwal enroute to the Delhi Assembly.

12:39 pm: Newly-appointed Delhi Congress chief Arvinder Singh Lovely said his party is still on the same stand we mentioned in the letter that we wrote on December 13.

12:25 pm: Criminal case of sedition against Arvind Kejriwal, filed by a law student, has been withdrawn, a news magazine reported.

12:10 pm: Congress says no U-turn on decision to back Aam Aadmi Party.

12:05 pm: Kejriwal will seek the trust of the House at 2 pm. Voting will take place after 5 pm.

11:53 am: Congress MLA from Chandni Chowk Prahlad Singh Sahni reiterated that his party`s MLAs will support the AAP government.

11:46 am: Social crusader Anna Hazare said he is confident that Arvind Kejriwal-led AAP government will win the trust vote.

11:22 am: Delhi metro employees gather outside Kejriwal`s residence demanding permanent jobs.

10:55 am: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Kirti Azad said Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar and his Delhi counterpart Arvind Kejriwal have similarities but the former does not own a car and uses public transport, prepares tea for his staff.

10:50 am: Senior BJP leader and MLA Jagdish Mukhi files his nomination for the post of Speaker of Delhi Assembly against AAP`s MS Dhir.

10:35 am: Jitender Singh Shunty, the Akali Dal MLA, accused Arvind Kejriwal of betraying Anna Hazare and swearing on his children dishonestly.

10:30 am: Bharatiya Janata Party`s Dr Harsh Vardhan will reportedly issue a whip to party MLAs asking them to vote against confidence motion.

10:26 am: Four-time BJP MLA Naresh Gaur opines that Congress is supporting AAP because the grand old party fears the BJP would win with big majority if elections are conducted again.

10:16 am: Janata Dal United (JD-U) leader Ali Anwar said his party wants Arvind Kejriwal to pass the floor test. “I don`t think Congress and BJP will do anything, they are scared.”

9:30 am: All eight Congress MLAs will vote in favour of AAP government during trust vote in Delhi Assembly.

8:00 am: AAP government faces crucial vote of confidence in Delhi Assembly today.