Agni-V reflects political will of UPA: Congress

Successful launch of Agni-V reflects technical prowess of India and political will of government while it continues to build friendly relationships.

New Delhi: The successful launch of Agni-V reflects the technical prowess of India and the government`s will to expand its strategic parameter, Congress spokesperson Manish Tiwari told reporters here on Friday.

"At another level it reflects and underscores the political will of the UPA (United Progressive Alliance) government to expand its strategic parameter while continuing with the policy of building friendly relationships across the world," Tiwari said.

"The government over the past eight years had systematically endeavoured to consolidate India`s strategic autonomy and expand its strategic space," he added.
Launching itself into an elite club of nations with the capability of hitting targets 5,000 km away, India on Thursday successfully tested the long-range nuclear-capable ballistic missile that can reach Beijing and Shanghai in China, and all of Pakistan.

Tiwari said that the India-US civil nuclear agreement had mitigated the technology denial regimes which had held the field for over three decades.
"…simultaneously the success of our space missile and strategic programme is a glowing testimonial to the foundation of self-reliance."

"All those people who talk of policy paralysis need to very seriously reflect on the manner in which India`s strategic space has expanded and its profile as an emerging great power has grown over the last eight years," he added.