All bargains & little sales at trade fair

"Delhiites have this peculiar tendency to do over bargain!"

Updated: Nov 24, 2011, 14:00 PM IST

New Delhi: "Delhiites have this peculiar tendency to do over bargain!"
This is what Rafe Farooq, a stall owner at the India International Trade Fair here, says when asked about visitors and the sales` trend this year.

Farooq is accompanied by a host of other stall owners from different states` pavilions who share the opinion that "incessant bargaining" is not helping sales this year.

"We are managing to sell hardly 10 sarees per day, that too cheap ones. Most of the people come here and keep on bargaining and for prices which we simply can`t afford to give at," says Farooq, owner of Taj Baba sarees in the Bihar pavilion.

Frustrated at visitors` continued bargaining, some stall owners say they were contemplating inflating the prices to a point where they could earn some profits even after hard negotiations.

"People want jute curtains Rs 400 worth for Rs 150. Even if we agree to give a discount, most often people walk off without buying anything if we don`t agree to their prices," says Suchan Kuriya, a jute handicrafts stall owner at the West
Bengal pavilion.

"We`re running into losses and will seriously reconsider participating in this fair next year," he says.

Another stall owner from West Bengal claims sales were not up the mark considering the state is one of the "focus" states this year.

"Sales have been strictly ok but considering that it is one of the focus states this year, they are below expectations," says Tapan Bairagi.