Centre treading cautiously to Maoists offer in WB

The Centre is treading cautiously to the Maoist offer of "restraining arms" in West Bengal.

New Delhi: The Centre is treading cautiously
to the Maoist offer of "restraining arms" in West Bengal and
has decided to "wait and watch" before taking any action as it
did not have a good experience with extremists in Andhra
Pradesh in the past.

Officials sources said the Centre was not enthusiastic to
the Maoist offer and would like to be doubly sure whether
their move is a tactic to buy time and re-group.

The past experience with Naxals in Andhra Pradesh has
forced the Home Ministry officials to tread cautiously as they
feel that the announcement has no approval of CPI-Maoists`s
central committee and the all powerful body has not taken any
decision to go for any peace negotiation with the government.

During the ceasefire period between the Andhra Pradesh
government and the Naxalites in 2004, the Maoists laid a large
number of landmines in their area of influence, strengthened
the organisation by recruiting new cadres and mobilising
people for their causes through overground workers.

"We do not want to experience a similar situation in West
Bengal now. We are not discouraging the West Bengal government
but we want to wait and watch," a source said.

The Centre is also apprehensive about the Maoists offer
on another ground as their policy documents does not subscribe
to any talks at this stage of their "struggle" and they would
enter into any talks at the final stage of their "revolution"
when the Naxals would be "very powerful" and take over the
government, sources said.


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