`Congress, BJP trying to impose bi-polar polity`

The CPI said there was a concerted attempt by the Congress and the BJP to marginalise the Left parties by trying to "impose" a bi-polar polity, which should be resisted and foiled.

New Delhi: The CPI on Monday said there was a
concerted attempt by the Congress and the BJP to marginalise
the Left parties by trying to "impose" a bi-polar polity,
which should be resisted and foiled.

"There is a definite move to marginalise the Left, that
is the only force that is capable of opposing these disastrous
anti-people, neo-liberal policies," party General Secretary
A B Bardhan told reporters here.

He said `bourgeois` political formations like the NDA or
the UPA were "fully committed to pursue neo-liberalist
economic policies.

"When in power, they pursue this disastrous course and
when out of power, they pretend to oppose these policies. In
practice, both the UPA-II and NDA collaborate with each other
on economic issues," the veteran communist leader said.

Asked to elaborate on the attempts to "marginalise" the
Left, Bardhan said, "The major bourgeois parties are trying to
isolate the Left. It can be seen out in the open in Parliament
where the UPA has carried through many issues by talking to
the BJP."

Releasing a draft political resolution to be adopted at
the 21st Party Congress in Patna in March end, he said there
was also a move to "impose a bi-polar politics in the country
to continue imposition of economic neo-liberalism. This needs
to be resisted and foiled by the Left".

He sought the unity of Communist, Left and democratic
forces by launching more movements on people`s issues and
against the neo-liberal policies of privatisation and

In a veiled reference to the Anna Hazare-led anti-
corruption movement, Bardhan said, "The bourgeoisie is bent
upon to de-politicise and de-ideologise the masses. For that,
they use a number of NGOs to raise issues of public concern in
a manner that blunt the class consciousness of the masses."

He parried a question on the merger of CPI-M and CPI,
saying, "The possibility is always there. When it will happen,
how long it will take, I cannot say. But we want to have
greater communist unity and constant attempt is being made in
that direction."

Asked about the functioning of the Left Front in West
Bengal, the top CPI leader said it was for the "largest party"
(CPI-M) to "treat other partners are equal partners and with
mutual respect. This has not always been so".

But, "despite this, we want a Left Front which is more
strong and cohesive to strengthen Left and democratic unity."
Regarding Left extremism, Bardhan said, "The Maoists are
actually disorienting the masses from the real communist
movement and thus harming the cause."

He made it clear that violence and "brutal repression" by
both the Maoists and the police should be condemned strongly.
"The Centre was also trying to create an impression that
Left extremism is more dangerous than terrorism. It wants to
create an impression that communists as such are dangerous.
This is a very sinister move and needs to be countered
effectively," Bardhan said.

The draft political resolution would now be debated among
the party cadres -- from the branch to the state levels -- and
then adopted at the 21st Congress of the CPI in Patna from
March 27-31.

The party has invited the general secretaries of CPI-M,
RSP, Forward Bloc and CPI(ML)-Liberation to address the
inaugural session of the Congress.