Court for CCTVs, hi-tech meters in heavy vehicles

A Delhi court has advocated installation of hi-tech meters and CCTVs in heavy transport vehicles.

New Delhi: A Delhi court has advocated installation of hi-tech meters and CCTVs in heavy transport vehicles to ascertain guilt of the accused in cases of road mishaps.

While mooting the idea, Additional Sessions Judge Narinder Kumar asked the government and heavy vehicle manufacturers to consider taking steps aimed at reducing mishaps and in case of an accident help in correctly ascertaining its cause.

"With the advancement of technology, would it not be better to install meters in public transport/commercial vehicles to record the speed...? Such meters should have the
capacity to preserve the recording of the speed.

"Such instruments would certainly be of immense help in ascertaining as to whether at a given place, the driver was justified in driving the vehicle at a (particular) speed," the
judge said, noting that many witnesses to road accidents are unable to explain what they mean by the expression `high speed.`

ASJ Kumar also suggested installation of CCTV cameras in public transport and commercial vehicles to record every traffic movement around the moving vehicles.

"Manufacturers can play better role in case they roll out heavy vehicles with inbuilt facility of CCTV cameras. But it is for the government to take steps in this regard, which
shall be not only in the interest of public but also in the interest of justice.

"The video footage so recorded and preserved, when inspected would certainly not only help the investigating officers but also the court to find out if the vehicle(s) was
/were being driven in rash or negligent manner or not," he said.


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