Deal with model code violation complaints within 24 hours: EC

Delhi`s Chief Electoral Officer instructed to dispose of all complaints received by district control room set up for Assembly polls within 24 hours.

New Delhi: Delhi`s Chief Electoral Officer on Tuesday instructed Returning Officers (ROs) to dispose of all complaints received by the district control room set up for the upcoming Assembly polls within 24 hours of receipt of the same with the action taken report to be updated in the system.

The control room had today received 13 complaints altogether from the nine districts till 8.30 A.M. Following which Dev instructed all ROs to take the necessary action by 5 P.M. to address the complaints.

Till date, 4,115 complaints have been received through the control room cum call centre and online out of which 4,062 have been disposed of. The remaining complaints are being looked into, Chief Electoral Officer Vijay Dev said today.

Dev said they had filed 336 FIRs till yesterday against political parties in Delhi for alleged violations of the model of conduct. Aam Aadmi Party tops that list with 237 FIRs lodged against it.

A total of 5,784 hoardings have till date been removed from public property and 237 FIRs were lodged in connection with these violations.

The number of hoardings removed from private property stood at 3,147 with 78 FIRs having been lodged over those.

As of today, a total 18,148 persons have been booked against whom preventive action under various sections of CrPC and DP Act was being taken while 986 licensed arms were deposited. Also, 39 unlicensed arms and 46 bullets have been seized.

Also, 1,417 bottles containing 394.07 litres of Indian Made Foreign Liquor have been seized along with 2,111 bottles containing 1,302.84 litres of country liquor and 250 beer bottles.