Delayed justice a world-wide problem: SC judge

The delay in justice delivery is a world-wide problem and ADR mechanisms, can be the cure to the malady, Justice Altamas Kabir said.

New Delhi: The delay in justice delivery is a
world-wide problem and alternative dispute resolution (ADR)
mechanisms, like arbitration, can be the cure to the malady,
Supreme Court judge Justice Altamas Kabir has said.

"People involved in business or commerce would rather go
in for arbitration than to the regular courts, this is the
change in thinking. The reason is dispensation of justice
quickly, which is one of the most important problems, not only
in India but the world over," said Justice Kabir, addressing a
conference here.

"People or businessmen do not mind an adverse judgement,
all they want is to get it over with quickly so that they can
move on, rather than have things hanging over their heads," he

The apex court judge was speaking on the theme of `Legal
Trends, Thoughts and Times` at the 22nd Annual Conference of
the Inter-Pacific Bar Association (IPBA), which was also
attended by Union Minister for Corporate Affairs Veerappa

He pointed out that the legal profession has changed a lot
now from when he had joined it.

"Not much importance was given to the study of law. Basic
idea was to get a degree so as to get a better salary or a
promotion, very few people studied it to join the profession,"
he said.

Speaking at the function, Moily hailed the Indian judicial
system saying it is the "most effective" system in the world
and "the belief in rule of law is the strongest here."