Delhi Culture Minister takes on Hindu College for 'moral policing'

In a letter to VC Yogesh Tyagi, Mishra said the rules amounted to "moral policing".

New Delhi: Delhi Culture Minister Kapil Mishra on Saturday accused Hindu College authorities of imposing "regressive, discriminatory and dictatorial" rules for girls hostellers and sought the Delhi University Vice Chancellor's intervention in this regard.

In a letter to VC Yogesh Tyagi, Mishra said the rules amounted to "moral policing". Noting the "vast difference" in hostel fees for men and women, Mishra urged him that they be brought on par.

The prescribed fee has irked women students as the male students of Hindu College pay Rs 47,000 as hostel charges while the women have been asked to pay more than Rs 82,000.

"This is incomprehensible, (it) will create resentment among students and is deeply unjust. It is also much higher than the hostel fees at any other comparable Delhi University college," Mishra said.

Mishra said the rules, including the directive to dress as per "normal norms of the society" and bar on night outs, are appalling and "have no place" in a civil and progessive society for their "ridiculous, regressive, discriminatory and dictatorial" nature.

"We are still attempting to cage the women in our country under the garb of safety...Why then, are there different rules for students living in hostels? If they are old enough to vote and marry and are subject to the same Constitution of India, why are they not subject to the same rules at a college?" Mishra asked.

Following protests, the college authorities had announced that there would be no admissions to the girls' hostel. Students who had taken the prospectus were asked to return them and get their fees refunded.

However, later, the college decided to reconsider its stand and formed a committee to look into the issue. The Delhi Commission of Women (DCW) had also issued a notice to the college on the same issue last week.