Delhi: Depts to be ready with CAG charges replies

Battling CAG indictment for financial irregularities, Delhi govt has directed concerned agencies to prepare replies to all the allegations.

New Delhi: Battling CAG indictment for
financial irregularities and "ill-conceived" CWG projects,
Delhi Government has directed concerned agencies to prepare
detailed replies to all the allegations made by the auditor.

The departments and agencies whose projects figure in
the report of the Comptroller and Auditor General for any sort
of irregularities, wrongdoings and procedural lapses were told
strictly to be ready with the reports at the earliest.

"All the concerned agencies and departments were told to
submit detailed replies to the allegations made in the CAG
report," a top official said on Sunday.

Although the departments and agencies had filed their
responses following the Shunglu committee report, now the
government has directed them to submit elaborate reports
including explanation on grounds for taking decisions which
have been questioned by the CAG, he said.

"We have already half the answers as we prepared them to
file our responses to the Shunglu Committee report. But now
government has asked the departments to file minute details,"
the official said.

Chief Minister Shiela Dikshit had yesterday said that
action will be taken if any wrongdoing is found by the Public
Accounts Committee looking into the issue.

Dikshit said the CAG report is to be into by the Public
Accounts Committee which is free to call any official for
questioning. "But if anything wrong has been committed, the
PAC is there to take action," she had said.

The CAG report, which was tabled in Parliament on
Friday, indicted Dikshit for her "active involvement" in the
grant of a work incurring a loss of Rs 30 crores while
slamming her government on some projects that led to a loss
and escalation of costs of nearly Rs 500 crores.

The government issued the direction to the agencies
and departments so that it could submit its response when
Public Accounts Committee of Parliament examines the report.

"We want to keep ready our responses for any possible
queries by the PAC," said the official.

Earlier in May, the Delhi Government had filed its
response to the Shunglu Committee report with the Home
Ministry, rejecting all the findings of the Prime
Minister-appointed panel which had pointed out alleged
bunglings in certain Games projects.

The CAG also said the street-scaping and beautification
project was "ill-conceived and ill-planned" without an
overreaching vision, resulting in a wasteful expenditure of
over Rs 100 crore.

The Delhi government was also criticised by CAG for
flouting rules by adopting Contractor`s Profit and Overhead
Charges (CPOH) of 37.5 per cent for construction of seven
roads and flyovers leading to increase of cost by Rs 352 crore
and for awarding works to companies in an "irregular" manner
with regard to two projects.

The CAG also criticised the government for executing two
other projects worth Rs 51 crore and Rs 11.63 crore
respectively without tendering.

The city government also feels that the PAC of the
Delhi Assembly should examine the projects funded by the city
government while PAC of Parliament should only scrutinise
those projects funded by the central government.

The Delhi government had spent Rs 13,000 crore on its
own while Rs 2,800 crore was taken from the Centre for certain


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