Delhi gets first OCC to monitor vehicular movement

Delhi on Friday got its first state-of-the-art operational control centre that will monitor the movement of vehicles in the capital, including those on the BRT corridor.

New Delhi: Delhi on Friday got its first
state-of-the-art operational control centre that will monitor
the movement of vehicles in the capital, including those on
the BRT corridor, to ensure their adherence to speed limits,
routes and punctuality.

The operational control centre (OCC) is the nerve
centre for the intelligent signalling system, automatic
vehicle location system, automatic fare collection system,
stage carriage operations including those on BRT and private
stage carriage bus concession operations.
Set up by the Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit
System (DIMTS) Ltd, the OCC will keep a close watch on the
movement of all vehicles, including public transport, and will
ensure whether the GPS-fitted DTC buses adhere to speed
limits, stop at all bus stops and maintain punctuality.

As far as the Bus Rapid Transit corridor is concerned,
the high-resolution cameras installed along the route will
provide real-time video feeds to enable monitoring of traffic
flow apart from tracking the movement of buses.

Traffic violations like jumping a traffic signal can
be monitored and the data will be trasferred to agencies
concerned like the Traffic Police or Transport Department for
possible action.

Inaugurating the OCC, Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit
said the OCC houses a very sophisticated monitoring and
control system for efficient management of traffic flow.

The facility is also likely to enhance the
reliability, efficiency, overall service-quality and
attractiveness of the road-based, eco-friendly bus network in
the capital, she said.
Autos and taxis, which are fitted with Global
Positoning System, can also be monitored at the OCC. The
Transport Department has made it compulsory for autorickshaws
in the capital to fit GPS to monitor their movements, but most
of the vehicles are yet to be fitted with it.

The OCC will provide the kernel for real-time
monitoring of stage carriage buses to ensure their adherence
to performance benchmarks, speed limits, routes, bus stops,
punctuality etc.

Dikshit exuded confidence that with commissioning of
OCC, Delhi will witness the beginning of a new chapter in the
functioning of its road-based public transport system.

The Intelligent Signalling System (ISS) being carried
out at OCC would help in the efficient and smooth dispersal of
vehicles by optimising signal timings based on radar-captured
vehicle-volume data, she said.

Transport Minister Arvinder Singh said the OCC will
help in the efficient management of traffic flow through the
integration of various transportation technologies.

"The Centre will receive real-time video feeds from
on-site CCTV cameras to enable monitoring of the traffic
flow/incident management on the corridor and also allow for
remote intervention with the traffic signal operations, if
necessary," he said.

The OCC has hi-tech systems like Precision AC`s,
Modular UPS, VESDA and FM 200 fire detection and suppression
systems, CCTV and Biometric Access Control.

Later, Dikshit also inaugurated Smart Card-based
Driving License issue system at the Indraprastha depot. She
also got her licence renewed through the new system.

She said the DIMTS has implemented the online learner
licence test as well as the Sarathi software for issue of
learner and driving licences in all 13 zonal offices.

Under the new system, the applicant`s identity is
re-verified through fingerprint matching before he is allowed
to sit for the learner licence test.

The DIMTS is also involved in dispatching the smart
card-based driving licence to the applicant`s address.

The new system also allows applicants to fix an
appointment in advance to visit any of the zonal offices and
avoid waiting in the queue.

Apart from the on driving licences, DIMTS is assisting
Transport Department, in the design, development,
installation, operation, maintenance and management of the
issue of smart card based PSV badges, a Transport Department
release said.

These smart cards are embedded with a tamper-proof
electronic chip and provide modern technological solution for
issuing a whole range of driving licences as well as driver


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