Delhi govt finds `irregularities` in LPG supply

Delhi Govt has found major "irregularities" in supply of LPG cylinders by various gas agencies and vendors.

New Delhi: Delhi Government has found major "irregularities" in supply of LPG cylinders by various gas agencies and vendors including diversion to the black market and sale of underweight cylinders to the consumers.

The government carried out 455 raids across the city in the premises of vendors, gas agencies and godowns in the last three months and found a total of 4,139 cases of alleged violations, Delhi Civil Supplies Minister Harun Yusuf said on Thursday.

He said as cylinders are supplied to the consumer by agencies affiliated to Indian Oil Corporation, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum, the government would ask the Oil Ministry to initiate action against the violators.

The minister said penalty procedures have been initiated against the violators while FIRs have been filed in eight cases.

"We are writing to the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas to take action against the violators," Yusuf said, adding strong action would be taken against the gas agencies and bottling plants involved in black marketing and sell of underweight LPG cylinder.

He said the inspection was carried out by Department of Weights and Measures

Currently, 279 LPG gas agencies are operating in the city which belong to IOC, BPCL and HPCL.

He said that the Government of Delhi has set up a control room having telephone no 23379266 to receive complaints of the consumers relating to supply of LPG cylinders.

Yusuf said complaints were received that the LPG cylinder supplied from the bottling plants were not as per the specified weight.

"My department conducted simultaneous raids April 24 at two bottling plants of Indian Oil Corporation which are located at Madanpur Khaddar and Ghewra More, Tikri Kalan. The inspections was conducted in the presence of representative of the Indian Oil Corporation," he said.

Yusuf said out of more than 300 LPG cylinders, 137 were found having weight less than the prescribed weight.

He said for short supply of LPG cylinder, the supplier is liable for penalty under provision of Metrology Act, 2009.