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Delhi HC blast victims` kin call govt insensitive

Last Updated: Friday, September 16, 2011 - 18:41

New Delhi: Accusing the government of being
inhuman and insensitive, Delhi High Court blast victims` kin
on Friday asked the administration not to run away from its
responsibilities after just paying the compensation.

"Is the value of my father`s life Rs 4 lakh? Is the value
of the common man`s life so cheap? And for how long this
meagre compensation going to last?" asked 18-year-old Damini
whose father A K Sharma was one of the 14 victims of the
September 7 terror attack.
"When we had gone to collect my father`s body at RML
hospital, there was no cleanliness, no water, no ambulance. We
were even asked to buy sheets to cover the body," she said
addressing the media with other victims of the terror attack.

"At least they could have offered some respect to my
deceased father who was the sole earning member of our family
of four," she asked.

Every family had their own stories to tell about the
government`s "inhumane behaviour" that was meted out to them
at the hospital.

Kanchan, daughter of Bir Pal Singh (50) who died in the
attack, said, "My father`s body was covered under a dirty bed
sheet. Was he an animal that they treated him in this manner?
Until and unless those in power lose someone from their own
family, they won`t understand what we are going through."

She said: "I have two sisters and a younger brother. My
father was the sole earning member and now they are saying
I`ll get a government job after three years. How will we
survive for three years? If possible take all the money we
have but return my father."

All India Anti Terrorist Front Chairman M S Bitta said
the government must provide free medical cards to the victims
of terrorist attacks so that they do not have to go from one
place to another for treatment.

Bitta alleged that the government has not learnt any
lessons from previous terrorist attacks and asked it to
provide more security to the common man.
The family of 21-year-old Amanpreet Singh Jolie, a young
lawyer, who fell a victim to the attack, also alleged
insensitivity on part of the government towards the victims.

His sister Simran Kaur said, It`s been more than 10 days
since the blast took place but not even a single person
responsible for so many deaths has been caught.

"Enough is enough. It seems terrorist attacks have become
a routine affair for the government but the day they
themselves become victims of terrorism, they will feel our
pain," Kaur said.

Amanpreet`s father, Manmohan Singh Jolie, said, "There
has not been a single terrorist attack in the US since 9/11.
If they can stop terrorism, why can`t we?"

"I cried for first four days but now I am not afraid of
these terrorists anymore and this is my message to all Indians
too. These terrorists who kill innocent cannot change the way
we live our lives. If the government cannot protect us, we
ourselves will have to take care of our own protection," he


First Published: Friday, September 16, 2011 - 18:41
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