Delhi Metro`s special measures to tackle emergency situation

The measures like installing fire and explosion resistant lights and cross passage inside tunnels, will help Delhi Metro tackle emergency situations.

New Delhi: The Delhi Metro has taken
special measures to tackle emergency crisis situation like
fire outbreaks, terror attacks and major technical breakdowns.

The measures like installing fire and explosion
resistant lights and cross passage inside tunnels, which are
already in place, will help Delhi Metro tackle emergency
situations and to evacuate people in the event of breakdown of
services due to major technical faults.

In the past 10 days, services on the busy Gurgaon line
have been disrupted during the evening hours twice due to
problem in the over-head electrification leaving thousands of
passengers stranded at various stations.

The safety measures include fire and explosion
resistant light inside tunnels, cross passage inside tunnels,
ventilation facilities and a disaster management manual for
DMRC employees.

DMRC spokesman Anuj Dayal told PTI that the lights
installed inside Metro tunnels are resistant to fire and

"This has been done to ensure that the lights remain
switched on during any emergency situation. These lights also
do not have individual switches, rather they can be switched
on directly from the station control rooms of the nearby Metro
stations," he said.

Almost 50 km of Delhi Metro`s total network of 150 km
are underground and tunnels have provision of water supply.

Dayal said a water pipeline runs along the entire
underground Metro corridor. "These pipelines have hydrants
fixed every 15 m where hose pipes can be connected. The pipes
are of great help to quickly extinguish any fire outbreak."

Another measure Metro has taken is the cross passages
inside tunnels. Each underground section is equipped with one
to three cross passages between the up and down tunnels.

"These passages can be used for speedy evacuation of
commuters in case of emergency. The passages are also provided
with phones with which direct contact can be established with
nearby Metro stations and Operational Control," Dayal said.

Also tunnel ventilation fan boosters are installed at
all Metro stations which supply air inside the tunnels.

Dayal said Metro employees have been provided with a
disaster management manual which has all details about the
measures taken to handle emergency situations. All the crisis
management devices like fire extinguishers, water pipelines,
ventilation systems are regularly checked through mock trials
to ensure that they are ready for any emergency situation.

All the platforms and concourses are also equipped
with emergency exit doors so that commuters can be evacuated
during any emergency situation.

The busy Rajiv Chowk Station has been provided with
windows which open to the Central Park above. These windows
can be opened together with the help of a remote device.

This has been done to ensure that if any kind of smoke
or polluted air gathers inside the station, it can quickly be