Delhi Police chief to hold `Janta Durbar` everyday

Delhiites can now directly put their problems before Police Commissioner B K Gupta who has decided to open his doors to public everyday beginning Monday.

New Delhi: Delhiites can now directly put
their problems before Police Commissioner B K Gupta who has
decided to open his doors to public everyday beginning Monday.

Gupta will meet complainants and hear their problems
for 90 minutes on all weekdays from 12 PM to 1.30 PM and has
also instructed other senior officials to follow suit.
"I have to take out some time for the people. We are
here for the people. I will be available to hear the
grievances from this Monday on all week days for 90
minutes.... The exercise is to improve functioning of police
force in the city," he told reporters here today.

All Deputy Commissioners of Police, Assistant
Commissioners of Police and other senior officials will also
be available for the public for two hours -- 12 PM to 2 PM
-- at their offices on weekdays and will listen to their
grievances and problems from Monday.

"I have been meeting a few complainants now...but I am
not doing it everyday. So, I wanted it to happen everyday. I
have decided not to give appointments during this time...If at
all I get late on some days I will make sure that I spend 90
minutes with the people," he said.

The city police chief said most of the cases which he
has been hearing till now were "genuine" and action was being
"Basically people come to the Police Headquarters and
complain to the officials so that their cases get expedited.
If I meet them, they will have the satisfaction that they have
met the city police chief and presented their case," he said.

Gupta said he has also instructed all Assistant
Commissioners of Police to visit one police station in their
sub-division every day and work there to improve performance.

"We have asked them to log their position with the
District Control Room. They will have to be at one police
station everyday from 3.30 PM to 5.30 PM. Their visit schedule
have to be displayed prominently at police station," he said.

Gupta said the reason behind him asking all senior
officials to meet the people and hear their problems was to
make functioning of police force in the capital better.

"Once all DCPs, ACPs and others start receiving
complaints directly from the people and begin interacting with
them, the number of people coming to me will eventually get
reduced," the Commissioner said.

"In due course, I will have less visitors," he said.
Gupta said he will also start interacting with his
subordinates in different police district through
videoconferencing facility from his office.

The Police Commissioner said he will also use the
videoconferencing facility to interact with Station House
Officers and other police personnel.

"I can talk to ACPs, DCPs and other officials. I will
convey to them what I have to say through this facility. It
will be functional in the next few days...Talking through
videoconferencing is more powerful than communication through
paper," he said.

Gupta said the move to open his office to public was
part of the people-friendly initiatives taken by him.

The Commissioner has also instructed the ACPs to
devise a mechanism to ensure that they can meet maximum number
of complainants and other people during their visit to police

"During the visit, the police officer should focus on
the aspects of police station working and conduct in-depth
inspection. The officer should review and finalise
investigation, inquests, complaints during his visit so that
the IOs don`t have to unnecessarily shuttle between offices,"
he said in an order.