Delhi polls: PM Modi's Rs 10 lakh suit was made in UK, says Rahul Gandhi

Taking a swipe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his 'Make in India' campaign, Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said the Rs.10 lakh suit he wore during US President Barack Obama's visit was "Make in UK".

PTI| Updated: Feb 04, 2015, 17:50 PM IST

New Delhi: Taking a swipe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his 'Make in India' campaign, Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said the Rs.10 lakh suit he wore during US President Barack Obama's visit was "Make in UK".

Gandhi also accused Modi of working only for only four-five industrialists.

"Modiji said he will give you employment. He talked of Make in India. Crores of rupees were spent in marketing this Make in India. You tell me whether something came out of it.

"He wears Rs 10 lakh suit. Newspapers report that this is not Make in India. That too is Make in UK. And then he tells you about Make in India and employment. Did any youth get employment? No. He told you that Delhi is dirty and clean it. He did not give you job, did not lessen your suffering but put a broom in your hand," Gandhi said at a rally here.

As the election campaign for Delhi reached a crescendo, the Congress Vice President targeted both the Prime Minister and AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal, accusing them of "selling big dreams" and not fulfilling promises.

He also rained promises like right to roof for every Delhite, ending contract labour within a week and making electricity cheap.

This the second time during the election campaign, Gandhi had taken a jibe at Modi?s clothing.

Last week, he had said that though Modi failed to deliver on the promise of bringing back black money, he wore a suit worth Rs 10 lakh during Obama?s visit.

Gandhi, whose party has been accusing Modi of centralising all powers, said that the entire country is being run through the PMO and he (Modi) thinks that he alone can change India.

"This cannot happen. You feel big promises were made and you got nothing. False promises were indeed made. I am telling you, you are not going to get anything from Modi and Kejriwal. Making promises is a very easy. Doing work is difficult," he said.

Referring to the fall in price of crude oil, he said that prices are rising despite that and somebody must be benefitting from the losses of the common man.

"Somebody must be benefitting. Let me tell you, who are benefitting. There are four-five businessmen friends of Modiji, who are benefitting from it.

Gandhi recalled that during the run-up to the Lok Sabha polls, he made the point that one man cannot change the entire country and this is now becoming clear.

"Modi had come and sold you big dreams during Lok Sabha polls. He engaged in tall talks. I had told you one person alone cannot change India. India can be changed by people of India. If India needs anything, it is the empowerment of people. I said that one person cannot bring all the change. But you believed (Modi).

"I want to ask you, you think whether life changed for you. Six months have passed. Modi said prices will come down but vegetables have become costlier," he said.

Noting that when the UPA was running the government, the prices of petrol and diesel were very high, he said, "it (crude oil price was 140 US dollars per barrel. Today it has come to 40 US dollars. The biggest reason for price rise is petrol price. Petrol price came down but prices are rising. Where is the money going?"

Attacking AAP as "agent of BJP," Gandhi said that AAP did nothing in 49 days it was in power and ran away. Congress had supported AAP last time to form a government in Delhi.

Accusing Kejriwal of "breaking promises", he said that while the autorikshaw drivers had supported AAP wholeheartedly in the last elections, the party is not visible on autos now.

Suggesting a bonhomie beween AAP and BJP, Gandhi asked why Kejriwal's party is not organizing dharnas over incidents of rape and corruption now when BJP rules the Centre.

"When Congress had its government here, AAP had sat on dharna. Anna Hazare had come and sat on dharna. There was an incident of rape. They held demonstrations. Rapes are still hapening. Incidents of rape have risen by 30 percent.

"Why did AAP not organize dharna. Is is beecause BJP is in power? Because as you say, they are BJP's agent. Corruption is still happening. Are Modi's friends not benefitting. Why does AAP not organize dharna. Why did it say nothing in last seven months?," Gandhi questioned.  

Gandhi also raised questions over candidates with criminal records in AAP's list.

"30 of them have criminal record. What did you get from promises. Modi and Kejriwal made promises. What did you get from them. BJP says bring us to power. They have a government. APP ruled in Delhi. We supported but they fled," he said as he urged people to vote for Congress claiming that it is a party of the poor and the weak.

On the BJP vision document released yesterday, he said, "You look at Maharashtra, Delhi, Haryana. Riots will definitely happen after polls. They will definitely pit Hindus against Muslims. One the one hand they talk of development, on the other hand they will fuel fights. They do not hate Muslims. They simply want power. They know that they will benefit politically by fanning anger against you," Gandhi said.

"BJP President says he wants to make the country Congress free. Congress means brotherhoold and love..Friendship and brotherhood among Hindu-Muslim Sikh-Christian is Congress and they are telling you that they want to finish Congress party. They want to bring hunger, they want to pit one person against the other," Gandhi alleged.