Delhi Shame: 3 girls kidnapped, one still untraced

A 13-year-old student kidnapped and raped by a 30-year-old after she snubbed his friendship request.

New Delhi: A 13-year-old student kidnapped
and raped by a 30-year-old after she snubbed his friendship
request, a teenaged girl gangraped by two men in a car and
another yet to be traced after being forced into a car by
two youths.

It was a night of shame for Delhi yesterday as the three
incidents were reported from the city within hours. In one of
the incidents, one of the accused is a minor while in another
case, the youth was the friend of victim`s relative.

In the first incident, a 13-year-old girl was forced into
a car allegedly by three youths, including a minor, in Jyoti
Nagar last evening and raped by one of them after she snubbed
his moves to strike a friendship with her.

The incident came to light after the victim walked
herself to the police station after the accused -- Gaurav
(30), Harish (21) and a minor boy -- threatened her and her
family with dire consequences if they approached police.

The Class VIII student had ventured out to the market
when she was waylaid allegedly by the youths who forced her
into a car and took her into Gaurav`s room where he allegedly
sexually assaulted her.

According to the girl`s claims, the other two boys did
not sexually assault her. After she approached police, the
girl was taken to Guru Tegh Bahadur hospital where doctors
confirmed that she was raped.

Police then raided the room where she was assaulted but
could not find the youths. But they were apprehended late in
the night and was placed under arrest.

In another case, a 17-year-old girl was kidnapped from
Kanjhawla by two men who sexually abused her for hours roaming
around Delhi streets.

Two youths Amit and Manoj were arrested in connection
with the case. Amit is a friend of victim`s relative and she
had met him on earlier occasions.

According to police, she was kidnapped by the youths who
allegedly raped her in the car.

They dumped her in Kanjhawla after which she went home
and narrated the incident to family. Police was approached who
arrested the youths after the girl told police about the
identity of one of the accused.

In another case, a 17-year-old girl was abducted by two
unidentified men from Chawla area while she was returning home
from her workplace in Gurgaon at around 9:30 pm. She is yet to
be traced.

The victim works in a private firm in Gurgaon and was
returning home with her friends when the youths came in a car
and kidnapped.

While her friends tried to prevent them from taking her,
they assaulted them and forced her into the car before driving
away. A senior police official said they were yet to trace the
girl and the kidnappers.

Irate over the incident, locals protested near the police
station and even blocked traffic in the area during the day.