‘Discuss only NCTC in internal security conference`

Gujarat CM Narendra Modi on Wedesday asked PM Manmohan Singh to limit the agenda of Chief Minister’s conference,to discuss the formation of NCTC only.

New Delhi: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Wedesday asked Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to limit the agenda of Chief Minister’s conference, scheduled on April 16, to discuss the formation of NCTC only and not deal with the
issue in a "perfunctory" manner.

In the letter, Modi said he had received a communication from Union Home Minister P Chidambaram about the agenda of Chief Ministers Conference on internal security on April 16 next.

"To my utter surprise, instead of convening an exclusive
meeting of Chief Ministers? To discuss the issue of formation
of NCTC, such an important issue has been clubbed with a host
of other agenda items to be discussed in the annual
conference," he said.

Modi said it was "very disheartening and sad" to note
that his request as well as that of other Chief Ministers in
this regard has been shown "scant regard" and another attempt
made to deal with such a serious issue in a "routine and
perfunctory" manner.

Urging the Prime Minister to take necessary action, the
Gujarat Chief Minister reiterated his view that NCTC
"infringes" on the country`s federal structure and the
formation of the same in a "unilateral" way by the Centre was
in "total violation of the Constitutional schemes".

Referring to the meeting chaired by Union Home Secretary
R K Singh on March 12, Modi said he had been made to
understand the important issue of formation of NCTC was
discussed along with many "unconnected routine issues" like
implementation of Private Security Act thereby "diluting" the
main agenda and "ignoring" the valid concerns of the state