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E-learning portal promises to be a landmark for DU students

Last Updated: Tuesday, July 27, 2010 - 18:25

New Delhi: Its revolutionary e-learning
portal that supplements classroom teaching is less than two
months old, but for students of Delhi University who have just
entered a new academic year it promises to make education a
different experience.

The varsity launched its e-learning portal, which has
all the elements of chalk and blackboard teaching along with a
host of supplementary features, in May.
With the opening up of the new session of the
University, the portal is set to become a part of the
students` educational lives, and the institution wants it to
become a model for transforming higher education throughout
the country.

"We are providing the necessary details along with
passwords to all colleges, which will allow students to avail
the facility of this landmark tech initiative," said A K
Bakhshi, director of the Institute of Life Long Learning, who
is the brain behind the portal.

The portal offers an interesting
blend of lectures, along with a range of interactive features
like e-quizzes, e-lessons, and even e-labs.

The portal that currently has the syllabi of as many
as 12 courses available for teaching, will also play a role in
making the best professors available to all students
irrespective of the college they study in.

The portal is all set to include Punjabi and Geography
to its list of 12 courses whose syllabi is currently covered
by the portal.

"We have recorded live and uploaded lectures delivered
by our best teachers on all topics and subjects included in
the syllabi. This more or less makes the college you study in
immaterial since you have access to the lectures of the best
faculty no matter in which college you study," he told agency.
The portal was conceptualised in 2008, and took two
years of planning and work to finally get into implementation

The lessons which are divided into units, chapters and
topics and are followed by quizzes which are no less than
17,000 in number.

Moreover, the multiple choice questions do not end at
giving you the correct answers, they also tell you what makes
the choice you picked wrong and what is the reasoning behind
the right answer.

And compiling this was no easy task.

The effort involved contributions by as many as 1,000
teachers, who prepared the content for the lectures, quizzes
and labs and later reviewed everything that was uploaded on
the portal.

"We wanted to make sure, the learning experience is
much more than in the classroom and that students don`t end up
reading text on screen," Bakhshi told agency.

"We also wanted to make it a comprehensive process of
in depth understanding, with no focus on rote learning,"
Bakhshi said.

For this reason, even laboratory procedure for
experiments in subjects like Physics and Chemistry was
recorded live and uploaded on it.

And for students of distance learning, this will again
prove to be a major boon.

"We are also in the process of contacting the School
of Open Learning for making this available for the students
who study through correspondence," he said.

While it still might be a modest beginning for the
e-learning initiative, the University wants the portal to set
national standards, and hopes to benefit students across the
country one day.

"We don`t want other institutions to waste time, money
and resources on developing similar initiatives. What we want
is to be able to be available to students of the entire
country. And that is possible if we have high standards of
connectivity and bad width," he said.


First Published: Tuesday, July 27, 2010 - 18:25
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