Geetika Sharma was exploited: NCW

National Commission for Women said the "delay" in police action in Geetika Sharma suicide case proved that she was exploited.

New Delhi: Questioning how Geetika Sharma`s postmortem report was leaked to media, the National Commission for Women on Friday said the "delay" in police action in the case proved that she was exploited and demanded speedy justice for her family.

"I had visited Geetika`s family. It is clear that she was exploited and was forced to commit suicide. And there was delayed action in the case which shows that she was exploited," NCW Chairperson Mamata Sharma said while replying to queries on police failure to arrest former Haryana minister Gopal Kanda, who is charged with abetting suicide of Geetika, for nearly 10 days.

She questioned how the media got access to the postmortem report "when we or the Ministry didn`t receive it".

"The most unfortunate thing in this case is the postmortem report, which we had asked for and was not given to us by the police," Sharma said, adding police should conduct proper investigation following surrender of Kanda and the culprits must be punished.

Geetika, 23, was a former employee of Kanda`s now defunct MDLR airline. She had committed suicide and accused him and another senior colleague Aruna Chaddha of harassing her.

Kanda was a minister in Haryana till Geetika named him in her suicide note. He went underground and remained untraced before surrendering at a police station in Delhi on the weekend.