`Govt can`t have luxury of not taking decisions`

Javadekar alleged that the government`s indecisiveness had led to the present state of affairs in the defence forces.

New Delhi: BJP on Thursday hit out at the
government for being "indecisive" on various crucial issues
like Telangana formation and lack of defence preparedness, as
recently pointed out by the Army Chief, and said it cannot
have the luxury of not taking decisions.

"Indecision has become the hallmark of this government.
Due to this, its own allies have now started creating
disturbance in Parliament. This government is not taking
decisions. It cannot have the luxury of not taking decisions,"
BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar said.

Referring to the demand for Telangana, an issue on which
TRS and even some Congress MPs from the region have been
stalling Parliament for the last several days, the BJP said it
will fully support the Bill for formation of the new state.

The opposition demanded that the government should bring the
bill without any further delay.

"The Prime Minister and other senior ministers as well
as UPA Chairperson are sitting in the House when Congress
members protest on the issue. The Prime Minister cannot remain
silent and should come clear on the status of the Bill and its
stand on the issue," Javadekar said.

He maintained that even on the issues raised by the
Army chief, the government has been indecisiveness and not
cleared its stand.

Army chief Gen V K Singh`s leaked letter to Prime
Minister Manmohan Singh had presented a grim picture of the
force`s state of preparedness.

"What the army chief is saying is serious. The
government cannot remain silent on the matter. It should also
tell us how his letter was leaked," Javadekar said.

The BJP MP stated that the lacunae pointed out by Gen
Singh had already been narrated in the Standing Committee on
Defence from time to time and the members have often written
that defence preparedness was inadequate.

Javadekar alleged that the government`s indecisiveness
had led to the present state of affairs in the defence forces,
be it army, navy or air force.

"The government is playing with the security of the
nation. The Prime Minister and the Defence Minister are
responsible for the lack of preparedness. We are lacking in
security and also in tackling corruption (in procurement of
weapons, equipment)," he said.

However, the BJP was evasive when asked whom - between
the Army chief and Defence Minister A K Antony - it held
responsible for the letter controversy as well as the bribe
offer issue.

Javadekar denied that the BJP had been soft towards
Antony on the issue when it was raised in Parliament.