Govt comes under attack for rise in suicides

The workers` representatives accused Manmohan Singh of devoting little time to their cause despite rise in farmer’s suicide.

Updated: Feb 14, 2012, 16:29 PM IST

New Delhi: The government, on Tuesday, came in for
sharp criticism at an annual labour conference here with
workers` representatives accusing Prime Minister Manmohan
Singh of devoting little time to their cause despite rise in
farmer’s suicide and growing contractualisation of workforce.

C K Sajinarayanan, who represented the workers at the
meet, also accused the Finance and Commerce Ministries of
"intruding" into the affairs of the Labour Ministry in the
matters of fixing interest rate for EPF subscribers and
pressing for anti-labour proposals.

"It will make Indian labour situation highly explosive
and tense unless all those concerned with labour intervene
constructively in addressing the tragic plight of unorganised
sector and growing contractualisation in the organised
sector," Narayanan said in his speech.

Holding that the growth trajectory "is no more enticing
when we look at the dark phase of India", he said the "beauty
of the words like inclusive growth does not tally with
practical ground level realities."
It is high time, he said with the PM in attendance, to
take stock of globalisation as the country was witnessing an
unbalanced and jobless growth.

"Organised sector is shrinking and has decreased from
eight per cent in 1991 to seven per cent and now in 2011 it is
six per cent which means 2 per cent has shifted from descent
to indecent work," he said.

The Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh president said it is a
"paradox" that while prices of farm produces are shooting up,
farmers are committing suicide for failing to get price for
their produce.

Narayanan sought more time from the Prime Minister to
look into the issue of workers and alleged that "PM is
spending lot of time with big corporates and employers whereas
for workers he is spending only half-an-hour and that too only
in this conference".