Gurgaon gets a lifeline as CST-Qutub corridor opens

Thousands of people of South Delhi and Gurgaon take the newly inaugurated and comfortable Metro ride.

New Delhi: Thousands of people residing in south Delhi and Gurgaon today bid adieu to crowded buses and over-charging autorickshaws as they opted for "much comfortable" Metro ride to reach their respective destinations from the national capital.

From college students to office-goers to Non-Resident
Indians and elderly people, the news of Metro getting extended
till Gurgaon from the city`s central and northern regions was
a big relief.
And their dream of reaching home on time, that too at a
"comfortable environment", came true as a train began its
journey from Jehangirpuri in north Delhi to the satellite city
of Gurgaon.

The Metro connectivity will be a boon for lakhs of people who travel to and from the national capital and Gurgaon for regular work.

And the excitement of getting a Metro was visible from
the faces of the people as they waited for the services to
begin at 3 PM. "I specially bought a Smart Card to board the first train
to travel on this newly opened corridor," Pran Nayyar, an NRI,
said on his first Metro journey.

However, the commuters had some complaints too like
non-functioning of escalators, minor technical glitches,
scanners not functioning and "ugly site" outside the Metro

Metro`s answer: "These will be rectified in some time. These glitches will be there till the system gets integrated." About the "ugly site" outside stations, DMRC chief E Sreedharan has promised that all these will be cleared before the start of the Commonwealth Games.

Commuters also wanted the frequency of the trains to be



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