Held guilty of beating cop, let off on probation

The incident took place in 2010, when the trio had picked up a fight and beat up the Constable after he got their truck towed away.

New Delhi: Three men convicted for beating up a policeman on duty in April 2010 and languishing in jail since then, has been let off on probation by a Delhi court on the ground that they committed the crime "in heat of moment."

Additional Sessions Judge Virender Bhat released the trio also saying that they are the sole bread winners of their respective families and keeping them in jail any longer would jeopardise the future of their families and children.

"All the convicts are the sole bread earners of their respective families and there would be nobody to maintain their minor children, if the convicts remain in jail for a longer period.

"It is also a possibility that the children may either starve or take to vices and criminal activities," said ASJ Bhat, while releasing them on probation.

"I am also satisfied that the convicts had committed the offence in the heat of moment and without any preplanning or premeditation," the court said, while imposing a fine of Rs 11,000 on the three Najafgarh residents Karambir Singh, Vikram and Rambir Singh.

The prosecution case dated back to April 2010, when the trio had picked up a fight with Constable Manoj Kumar and beat him up after he got their truck, parked on road, towed away to a `traffic pit` in a police station.

As per the prosecution, after spotting the truck, the constable enquired about it and even waited for about five minutes, after which he got the truck towed away.

As the truck owner Karambir, his younger brother Rambir and driver Vikram reached found the truck missing, they reached the police station, where he picked up a fight with the constable and beat him up and even torn his uniform.

The trio were arrested and put on trial and were convicted by ASJ Bhat.