If Paras’ love was true, God will do justice: Mother

Rejecting the suicide theory, Paras Bhasin’s mother has once again asserted that her son was brutally murdered.

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: Rejecting the suicide theory, Paras Bhasin’s mother has once again asserted that her son was brutally murdered.

Speaking to media on Wednesday, the heartbroken mother said that there was no reason for Paras to commit suicide as he dearly loved Shelly Singh – Paras had secretly married Shelly at the Arya Samaj Mandir in Delhi in May.

Bhasin’s family has claimed that the 23-year-old boy was threatened by Shelly’s father and he was killed because the couple was from different castes and economic backgrounds.

With tears in her eyes, Paras’ mother said, “His only fault was that he loved Shelly madly. He used to always plead to me to help him in his fight for Shelly. He had even planned to get married by November and had met a lawyer recently over the issue.”

She further said that Shelly used to visit their house at time and profess her resolve to not leave Paras…they were a happy couple. Paras used to give all the money she earned to Shelly so that she could save it for their future.”

The mother said that she and her family had accepted her and always supported her.

Fearing that justice won’t be done to her son, she said, “…only money talks in this world but God is seeing all this. If my son loved truly, God will do justice.”

Meanwhile, Shelly has giving a suicide note jointly written by them in the last week of August - after her family objected to their relationship – to the police.

The body of Paras (23) was recovered from Pandav Nagar railway tracks on Saturday. As per the police he was killed by the crush impact after he was hit a very heavy object in high speed – a train engine.

Sources said they checked the CCTV footage of Delhi Metro and Paras was spotted at Laxmi Nagar Metro Station in the evening.

Paras was seen boarding the Metro at Subhash Nagar metro Station at 3:14 PM on Saturday and reached Lakshmi Nagar Metro Station at 4.11 PM. Sources said Paras was seen alone.

Investigators also traced the person who made several calls to his family asking them to come to Pandav Nagar area to get the body of Paras but police said he did not appear to be involved in his death.

The caller was a passer-by who found Paras` ID card lying near his body and then made a call.

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