Life term to father for raping minor daughter

A 43-year-old man has been sentenced to life imprisonment for raping his minor daughter for over three years.

New Delhi: A 43-year-old man has been
sentenced to life imprisonment for raping his minor daughter
for over three years with the court terming his offence as
"too heinous" and "committed in total disregard to moral and
social values."

Additional Sessions Judge Anju Bajaj Chandna also imposed
a fine of Rs 30,000 on convict Tek Bahadur against whom his
teenaged daughter herself had lodged the FIR last March.

"The offence committed by the convict is more serious in
manner that he did not even spare his own daughter. Instead of
protecting the prosecutrix being the biological father, the
convict in total disregard to moral and social values went on
ruining her life by committing immoral act of highest order.

"It is evident that convict treated prosecutrix only as
an object to fulfill his sexual desires. The offence committed
by convict is too heinous and, therefore, he does not deserve
any leniency," the judge said.

The court sentenced Bahadur to life imprisonment and fine
of Rs 25,000 for the offence under section 376 (rape) and jail
for five years and fine of Rs 5,000 for the offence under
section 506 (criminal intimidation) of IPC. The court said
both sentences would run concurrently.

The girl had, on March 21, last year, informed the police
that her father has been committing rape on her repeatedly for
about two to three years.

She said her father raped her under the influence of
liquor and alleged he "assaulted and threatened" her not to
reveal the incident to anyone.

Bahadur, who was arrested a day after the lodging of the
FIR, pleaded innocence before the court, saying he was falsely
implicated in the case by her daughter and his in-laws due to
a family dispute.

The court, however, rejected his claim, saying, "The plea
of the accused for false implication has no merit or substance
as no daughter would put her honour as well as honour of her
family at stake".

The court said in "sensitive" cases like rape, evidence
of the victim is enough for conviction.

"It is well-settled legal position that if the statement
of prosecutrix is credible and trustworthy, it requires no
corroboration and conviction can be recorded on the sole
testimony of the prosecutrix," the judge said.

The court noted the girl "has convincingly and
confidently stood through the test of cross?examination and
there was nothing on record to contradict or disprove her

Awarding life term to the convict, the court said, "The
offence complained is that of rape and most painful part
is that the prosecutrix is daughter of the accused.

"The offence of rape involves ravishment of a woman, not
only in terms of her body and emotions, but it also amounts to
ravishing her soul. The sanctity and dignity of a woman is
degraded by this immoral act and the trauma travels throughout
her life," the judge observed.


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