Man sent to jail for life for raping minor niece

A man, who has been convicted for abducting and raping his 6-year-old niece in Delhi.

New Delhi: A man, who has been convicted for
abducting and raping his 6-year-old niece, has been awarded
imprisonment for whole life by a local court which said he was
a "live sex bomb" and castration was a befitting punishment
but "its hands are tied".

Additional Sessions Judge Kamini Lau said the convict was
a "live sex bomb" and "castration" would have been a befitting
sentence for him but the "hands of this court are tied" as the
statute does not provide the punishment by way of castration
and Indian legislators are yet to explore this as an
alternative to the conventional sentencing.

"Society cannot afford to have live sex bombs who, if let
loose, are a potential threat to the society, particularly to
women and children. The convict before this court with his
track record of a compulsive sex drive requires to be kept out
of circulation of society, being an obvious threat to women
and children including those of his own family," the court

According to the prosecution, Nandan, 30, had kidnapped
his niece when she was playing with her brother and took her
to his house on the pretext of giving her ice-cream and raped
her in April last year.

Nandan, a resident of Mukund Vihar in north-west Delhi,
had previously also tried to sexually assault women of his own
family but to save their honour, he was not punished by the

The court also said "its message should be loud and clear
that do not mess with a child and any person who meddles with
the child, male or female, in any manner shall not be spared,
come what may."

It also directed Delhi government to grant a compensation
of Rs two lakh to the victim`s family.

The court, which also imposed a fine of Rs 40,000 on
Nandan, directed that a copy of its order be sent to the
Principal Secretary (Home) of Delhi government and the Deputy
Commissioner (North-West) for necessary action.

"We as a nation have failed to protect our daughters at
every step. If safety and security of women is a matter of
national concern, then why is that we as a nation are unable
to provide a safe and secured environment for them"? The judge

The court noted that the minor was rescued from the
clutches of the convict by her mother and aunt who went to his
house in search of the girl. They had found the injured child
crying while Nandan was sleeping after committing the crime.

The judge further said the victim is suffering from
recurrent infections after the incident and is undergoing
medical treatment in Rajasthan and the possibility of the
convict transmitting the infectious disease cannot be ruled

"The possibility of the convict having transmitted some
infection and disease to the victim while committing the
ghastly act cannot be ruled out," the judge said.

Noting previous misconduct of Nandan with the women of
his family, the judge said the "biggest blunder" committed by
his family was that no action was taken against him.

"Having come to know that a person in the family was a
sexual maniac who spared none, was it not necessary for the
other family members, particularly the male members, to have
checked him and to have taken suitable action against him? Had
this been done at the first instance, I am sure the present
incident could certainly have been prevented," the judge said.

Seeking leniency, Nandan`s counsel said he was not
convicted earlier in any case and his wife and two children
were completely dependent upon him.

The court, however, refused to show any leniency to the
convict and said "inspite of the tender age of the child, the
convict went on to commit the ghastly, abominable, inhuman and
barbaric act of rape, violating the person of the child and
giving a lifelong trauma to her family," the court said.


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